We meet throughout student life teachers Of all kinds, those that made us hate certain subjects and others that planted in us a love for certain subjects and that even influenced our future decisions. It looks like the latter will be the case of a teacher Diana Amores who did Widely After sharing how you rate your students’ use Memes.

High school is a time that can be a great or a terrible memory. But it seems to the students Teacher Diana will be very good running suffocation We’ll tell you all about this teacher and her fun way of evaluating her students’ responses.

rated memes

Diana Amores She is a biology teacher who lives in Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina, and later became well known through her account tik tok Share that was there qualified for high school students with Memes.

in a tik tok We can note exams From his students who, in addition to carrying the typical popcorn, or tache, as well as the points obtained, are accompanied by Memes.

The pictures I used are of some of Memes Plus Widely from Internet. We can see Mr. Burns saying excellent, Mrs. Bean with a doubtful face while scratching his head, Tony Stark with a relaxed face, Drake nodding, and the famously clenched-fist kid saying “Very well”, among many others who generated an uproar because of the originality.

after finishing Widely, Many users have praised her for her work and given her impressive comments. Although a few criticized it as well. Others asked him to include his students’ reaction in his videos. The tik tok The original has already crossed half a million views.

To clarify some issues, Teacher Amores made more videos on TikTok where he explained that because they are minors, he can’t record their reactions. But then, he also shared the reason for his decision Qualify with memes.

Diana Amores commented that she made this decision because of the two difficult years the boys went through, being separated from classmates, taking lessons in person or not, losing close relatives, and isolation. That is why, for Amores, the best gratification in the world is to impart a little humor and sympathy and make them smile, as he explains in his account of tik tok.

The teacher also emphasized that she considers education a cornerstone of society, and if she can contribute a little more, she will do so in the hope that this assessment will be taken with more fun and less stress, she told Cadena 3 from Argentina.

How do Teacher The Argentinian young woman was congratulated by her school authorities, and as she told America TV, no student had ever complained or abused before. Memes assigned to their tests.

Diana Amores affirmed that she loves her work and does it with love and respect. He explained that he would never do anything to harass the students or make them feel bad, even in his opinion, it would be nice if his colleagues also adopted his method of assessment.

Apparently this Teacher He fulfilled his mission to have a smile and surely his students will remember this episode in their high school days.

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