Viral: Woman discovers her husband’s infidelity leaves a note in the car | News from Mexico

Brazil: The most common reason for the separation of marriages is betrayals Because these destroy and cause harm in couples.
However, the ways in which people react to such an act are very diverse and can be taken in different ways, but a young woman in particular has been very popular with a peculiar way of dealing with things.

She found out that her husband was unfaithful

It is about a woman named Blessed Calvalho Who decided to put a handwritten sign on her husband’s car door because of this I found out he was cheating on her.

“Alessandro, after 13 years of living together, I’m tired of you disappearing every week to go to sleep with a girl”He started by saying the Brazilian. Benedita announced that he was deeply affected by the situation the end of their emotional bond.

Since he was on public roads, he was quickly seen by people who were walking around and became a trend, due to this fact, the girl admitted that it was her and that her husband was tired of her husband’s disappearance every weekend.

Despite her humiliation, Bendita confirmed it “I will take a rest, because I deserve it (…) Now it is up to each individual to follow his own path and the life that follows for each one. Both for him and for me.”

This is how the event spread and was heavily criticized in the networks by users who emphasized that women should not go through such situations and should replace them.

In this note

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