ViX+ releases a preview of ‘Montecristo’ with William Levy

ViX+ releases a preview of ‘Montecristo’ with William Levy

The first advance of “Montecristo,” a current-time adaptation of Alejandro Dumas’ literary classic “The Count of Monte Cristo” with William Levy as the protagonist will be available this year through ViX+, released this Wednesday by TelevisaUnivision.

This adaptation tells the story of Alejandro Montecristo (William Levy), a character who worries elites around the world because the origin of his wealth and his past are unknown, as the Spanish series explains in a statement.

Montecristo, the main character of the series, is the founder and CEO of a new technology company that raises concerns, among them Fernando Alvarez Mondego (Roberto Enriquez), a businessman connected to the Spanish aristocracy who wants to buy the company.

The “dramatic thriller”, as defined by TelevisaUnivision, revolves around the fact that Fernando does not know that Montecristo is someone he met decades ago and that the reason for his appearance in his life is revenge for past events.

Among the cast of “Montecristo” are Juan Fernandez (“El Cid”), Esmeralda Pimentel (“High Heat”), Silvia Abascal (“Amazing Elisa”), Itziar Atienza (“Entrevías”), Guiomar Puerta ( “I’m Alive”) and Frankie Martin (“Entrevías”).

The new ViX+ series is written by Lydia Fraga (“Criminal Method”) and Jacobo Diaz (“Criminal Method”), a work directed by Alberto Ruiz Rojo (“La Tempranza”).

This Secuoya Studios production, which has no release date announced, also has William Levy and Jeff Goldberg as executive producers.

ViX+ is available by subscription in the United States, Mexico, and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

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