Voyager 1, Earth’s farthest probe, has begun sending strange data to NASA

Voyager 1, Earth’s farthest probe, has begun sending strange data to NASA

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picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Voyager 1 has a speed of approximately 23300 million km From the ground and keeps moving away From the solar system to about 61.500 how much per hour. But NASA engineers working on the 44-year-old spacecraft aren’t comfortable with a spacecraft A detailed system and probe control, which generates data that appears completely random.

Susan Dodd, Voyager 1 and 2 project manager, told NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, at release from NASA.

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977, and has been in interstellar space for nearly 10 years. Surprisingly, the spacecraft continues to send data back to Earth, but Your most recent telemetry data invalid oAccording to NASAHowever, the data simply does not match the actual location and terms of Voyager 1.

The Voyager team continues to check for alien data the system Tilt and Expression Control (AACS); They are not sure if the problem stems directly from this system or from another part of the spacecraft.

“We are The spacecraft is approximately 45 years old, much older than mission planners expected. We are also in interstellar space, a highly radioactive environment in which no spacecraft has flown before.” “There Big challenges for the engineering team. But I think if there is a way to solve this problem with AACS, our team will find it.”

El hecho de que las naves espaciales Voyager sean viejas no significa que no sean útiles. Los datos de las sondas revelaron un for the interstellar medium, the Voyager 1 Fluctuations in plasma have recently been detected from deep space. It’s basically a spaceship equivalent to Tom Brady winning a race Super Bowl 43 years old.

It may not be the source of the garbled data readings identified, and NASA engineers have learned to live with this Privacy. The issue does not affect any of the Voyager 1 science instruments. still operating after 44 years, the team hopes that both ships Continue to work after 2025.

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