How to write in colored letters on WhatsApp

How to write in colored letters on WhatsApp

Social networks always give us all kinds of solutions as well as some problems. Now, apart from that, everyone has their own secrets and idiosyncrasies, so we have to talk about them How to write in colored letters on WhatsApp.

We tell you about other alternatives to mobile messaging. Emilio Saldaña “Pizu” tells us about the dangers of WhatsApp!

Each of the apps allows us to develop whatever we want in terms of customization, and WhatsApp is no exception. Below we explain how the process works.

How do you write in colored letters on WhatsApp?

If you want to personalize your messages, you should know first of all that this “color trick” will allow you to use the blue color as an eye-catching element in your WhatsApp conversations. Since it is not a function that comes by default in the application itself, we will have to use third-party applications to achieve the said customization.

The good news is that all of these apps are free and very easy to use. They are available in a completely secure way on Google Play (and even on the App Store) and will allow you to change the color and font of your messages. Remember that since you are using third-party apps to achieve this effect, you can also apply these formats in other messaging apps, such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Now, the best (free) app out there for you to do these actions is BlueWords, which allows you to use different types of fonts. Fancy Text Generator is another one of them and it allows you to implement up to 35 different font options and finally we have Stylish Text available on Android and iOS.

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