Teacher arrested for photographing female students at least 150 times – Kodasai

Teacher arrested for photographing female students at least 150 times – Kodasai

A high school teacher in Amagasaki, Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, has been arrested for voyeuristic filming inside the skirt of a high school student at a station in Osaka. The 24-year-old teacher who worked at a public high school in Amagasaki was arrested and sent to prison on suspicion of violating the Osaka Prefectural Law on Preventing Harassment.

In February, a teacher was suspected of slipping a suitcase containing a smartphone over the skirt of a high school student while she was photographing her on the escalator at Ebie Station on the JR Tozai Line and taking voyeuristic photos. A passenger reported that a man in a black suit was stalking a girl. Station staff reported the incident to the police when informed that he might be taking voyeuristic photos.

When the policemen who attended the scene questioned the professor about his duties, he said He pleaded guilty to the charges, saying that he becomes an aphrodisiac and arouses when he sees teenage girls in school uniforms and photographs them. The professor told the police that he did this at least 150 times.. Of course, the news made its way to comment boards in Japan, inspiring opinions like:

  • «Is there enough variety in the uniform to do more than 150 reps?».
  • «The reason you are a teacher: Because I can spy on students».
  • «Can’t help it…»
  • «Something exaggerated, almost unbelievable».
  • «No, why keep it anonymous? This is the man who needs to report his real name».
  • «now I understand. I mean, all the men in the world are full of shit.».
  • «And quite frankly, is confession better than finding new crimes?».
  • «Teaching has become an entirely sexual profession».

source: otakumo | Japan

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