Walmart sabotages Christmas with controversy over ‘cow’ carving


Small, medium, large, extra… and the size of a “cow”. Apparently, Walmart in the US decided to buy their goods online betting on a new size, A fact that was reported to the local media by a Florida woman.

G’Nadine Grant, who wanted to buy an “ugly jacket” online to keep up with the holidays, was furious when she found out in her online catalog that Its size is not indicated by numbers or letters, but by the word “cow”.

NBC News 6 in Miami gave an interview to the victim who Walmart demanded that this qualification be withdrawn for people who need more than 4x the volume, which apparently happened.

According to NBC 6, which shows a video showing a “cow” size among the options Walmart’s website provides for a specific item, when they asked the company for clarification, a spokesperson wrote: “Of course this is not true and we will find out what happened.”

Grant stated that she was “very angry” at Walmart being labeled a “cow”; He also stressed that something like this shouldn’t be on a store website because it can lead to low self-esteem in overweight people.



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