Well-known science communicators will gather in Santiago until June for the program “Science Looks, But It’s Not”

Well-known science communicators will gather in Santiago until June for the program “Science Looks, But It’s Not”

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Xunta de Galicia has launched a new project, with the aim of promoting scientific culture, called “Science appears, but it is not”. With this project, well-known publishers will hold talks in Santiago until June.

The activities are aimed at all audiences, although they may have a particular interest in educational fields, according to the “Stimulating Critical Thinking” statement.

In this way, the scenario of the conference will be Nira Vilas Hall affiliate City of Culture in Galiciaalthough it can also be followed via broadcast on YouTube profile The Ministry of Education.

scheduled days

The first introductory session will be next Thursday, with the participation of Professor V Experimental PsychologyAnd Helena diedwho will present a workshop on the functioning of the human mind and how technology affects it.

Likewise, on Thursday, January 25th, it will be the turn of psychologist and professor Ramon Nojeras who will address issues such as the reaction of people when they show us evidence contrary to what we believe or are convinced of.

In February, the neuroscientist and professor at the University of University of SalamancaAnd Jose Ramon AlonsoIn the second, he will give a lecture on the importance of scientific publishing. This lecturer, who has more than 160 published articles and nearly twenty doctoral dissertations on the subject, is also the author of well-known books.

Two dates planned for March, the first on the second with Doctor V psychology by Deusto University Ferdinand White That you will deal with will address precautions when interpreting the conclusions of scientific studies.

Secondly, in the fifteenth, who will be at the hands of his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Autonomous University of MadridAnd Joaquin Seville A biologist and professor Physiology On the University of the Basque CountryAnd Juan Perez Iglesiaswho will give the talkAl-Sarraj on non-critical science“.

An archaeologist and historian with an active role in social networks, Nestor Marquis He will speak on April 19th about the long tradition of fake news and on May 11th, Panayuta KindeoTeacher psychology affiliate University of MinnesotaHe will give a session on the importance of education in scientific thought in children’s and primary schools.

The course will be complemented by a publication which will cover the most salient aspects of the conversations and will be distributed in Galician learning centers and libraries and will be open to the public at Institutional library affiliate A group of directors at the end of the school year.

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