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After only two weeks of broadcasting, the South Korean series “We are deadIt has proven itself globally as the most watched series Netflixfar above my favourite.Perfumed coffee for womenAnd another non-English-speaking series.

According to data revealed by Big N platform, from From January 31 to February 6the fantasy about a zombie apocalypse is the absolute owner of the top 10 non-English language shows with 236,230,000 hours watched, leaving the Colombian remake starring William Levy in second place, with 65,860,000 hours watched.

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deserves a special mentiondark desire“Yes”I’m GeorginaThe first championship Mighty Peroni and Alejandro SpitzerIt has a week on Netflix and 49,590,000 hours have already been shown. The second, for its part, is the only reality show on the list in the ranking with 28,740,000 watched hours.

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by countries

informations Netflix It also reveals the favorite location of a series. And so we have, for example, that “We are dead“He is number 1 in 94 countries how:

in America

Argentina, Peru, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Mexico, among other countries.

in Europe

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, (in Africa) Egypt, Kenya, Morocco

in Asia

Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Qatar, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, among other countries.

We’re Dead vs. The Squid Game

Especially “We are deadShe is only two weeks old Netflix It has already garnered nearly a quarter of a million views. big favorites”squid gameIn 28 days of live broadcast, 1,600 million viewing hours, Which made it the most famous series in the history of the platform.

it will be “We are dead“I managed to reach”squid game“As a favorite series. Anyway, we can say that it is closer to reaching numbers”Stealing money”, which has been watched 619,010,000 hours and the company ranks second.

Here is the full list of Netflix Top 10.

TV Shows (Doesn’t Speak English) weeks in the top 10 Watching hours
We’re Dead: Season 1 two 236.230.000
Scented Coffee for Women: Season One 6 65.860000
Dark Desire: Season Two One 49,590,000
Anna Georgina: Season 1 two 28.740,000
Dark Desire: Season 1 One 24990000
That Year of Our Country: Season One 7 16.030.000
Fair: The Darkest Light: Season 1 One 15.960.000
Flow Queen: Season Two 12 15,050,000
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Season 1 One 14,360,000
I’m Ugly Betty: Season 1 Eleven 11,210,000
Starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo and Wi Ha Joon, “The Squid Game” tells the drama of a group of people who, in a desperate attempt to escape poverty, take part in a mystery game that promises valuable cash prizes to the winner (Image: Netflix)
Top 10 TV Shows (Foreign Language)in hours viewed in the first 28 days on Netflix. Watching hours
Squid Game: Season 1 1,650,450,000
The Paper House: Part Four 619,010,000
The Paper House: Part Three 426,400,000
The Paper House: Part Five 395,130,000
We’re Dead: Season 1 361.020.000
Scented Coffee for Women: Season One 326.910.000
Lupine: Part 1 316.830.000
Elite: Season Three 27530000
Who Killed Sarah?: Season 1 266.430.000
Elite: Season 4 257.0900.000

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