What are they and what place does CdMx occupy?


If you have thought about the characteristics that the local area has to offer you, surely there is no shortage of them Personal (Thefts and kidnappings), and Infrastructure, as well Digital. Now if you want to know what city It collects and protects each of these elements, feel free to continue reading because we will tell you about them here.

Like every two years, the magazine The Economist, updated his list toThe safest city in the worldIt analyzes 60 metropolitan areas through 76 different indicators.

The first place is 2021 was for city Copenhagen, Denmark, with a score of 82.4; Second place went to Canada, where Toronto record 82.2; While the third place with a score of 80.7 went to the capital Singapore, Singapore.

The table of the top 10 cities in the ranking has been completed Sydney with 80.1, Tokyo with 80, Amsterdam with 79.3, Wellington with 79, Hong Kong with 78.6, Melbourne with 78.6 and Stockholm with 78.

Where is Mexico City occupied?

But if your question is Where is Mexico City occupied? -The only city in the country to make it to this famous list- We tell you that this post is not one of the most honored, given the total of 60 cities, it failed to slip into the top 30.

Mexico City was ranked 42 Among the safest cities in the world, with a score of 60.3. The lowest ratings were in the personal and digital security categories.

It was the capital of the country above Bangkok And keto, but below Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow. The latter two differ greatly in terms of environmental safety, although they share a good level of infrastructure.

What are the safest cities in the world in 2021?

1. Kobinagh

2. Toronto

3. Singapore

4. Sydney

5. Tokyo

6. Amsterdam

7. Wellington

8. Hong Kong

9. Melbourne

10. Stockholm


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