Scientist. In the Anniversary April 11th They highlight many important events that have marked human history. For example, in 1905, the German physicist of Jewish origin Albert Einstein published an article in which he raised his theory of relativity, which introduced new concepts of space and time.

What is the astronomical calendar for April 11th?

1713Signing of the First Utrecht Peace Treaties: abolishing the union between Spain and France, and England establishing its colonial empire.

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1814Napoleon abdicated the throne in Fontainebleau in favor of his three-year-old son, then went into exile on the island of Elba.

1870. The assassination of Argentine General Justo José de Urquiza, governor of the province of Entre Rios and former president of the Argentine Federation, at his home.

1899Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States.

1917Brazil cuts diplomatic relations with Germany after German submarines sank the Brazilian ship “Parana” near the French Atlantic coast.

1919. – The establishment of the International Labor Organization.

1921.- The first radio broadcast of a sporting event: a boxing match in the United States.

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1929Germany refuses to grant Leon Trotsky asylum.

1948.- The inauguration of the first Chilean city in Antarctica.

1954.- A study conducted by True Knowledge concluded that this day has been objectively the “most boring day” since 1900.

1957– The largest particle accelerator in the world was opened in Dubna (USSR).

1962– He completed the operation of more than a thousand Cuban exiles who invaded Cuba via the Bay of Pigs. Fidel Castro asks the United States for $ 62 million in exchange for the captives.

1963Is. – public la encíclica “Pacem in Terris” del papa Juan 23.

1974– Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir resigns to succeed Yitzhak Rabin.

1979.- President Idi Amin Dada was overthrown in Uganda.

1984– Election of Konstantin Chernenko as Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

1985.- The Chilean Board of Directors approves the Beagle Channel Treaty with Argentina.

1986Halley’s comet is at its closest distance to Earth, in its last orbital period of 76 years.

1988– Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “The Last Emperor” won nine Academy Awards from the Hollywood Academy.

1992– The major theme park Eurodisney is inaugurated on the outskirts of Paris.

1997. A new government of unity and national reconciliation was formed in Angola, agreed upon between the government and UNITA after twenty years of civil war.

2001About fifty people were killed and 170 others injured as a result of an avalanche at Ellis Park Football Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

2002A coup in Venezuela ousted Hugo Chávez from the presidency for two days.

2003– Three Cubans who had tried to leave the country were executed by hijacking a boat.

2006– The Supreme President of Cosa Nostra, Bernardo Provenzano, has been wanted for more than forty years, arrested in Sicily.

2007.- Microsoft Windows Vista end of support.

2014.- Greece is returning to the financial markets after four years of absence.

2015– A historic meeting in Panama with the Presidents of the United States of America, Barack Obama and Cuba, Raul Castro, the first for the leaders of the two countries in 50 years.

2015– Mexican Federal Police arrested Miguel Angel Landa Bahina, allegedly involved in the disappearance of 43 ordinary students in September 2014 in Iguala.

2017.- Three explosions occurred in Dortmund (Germany) as the Borussia football team bus was passing by. Spaniard Marc Bartra was injured.

2018– 257 people were killed in the crash of an Algerian military plane in the worst air tragedy the country has seen.

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2019– Ecuador withdraws the right of asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for “his repeated violation of international agreements and coexistence protocols.”

Who was born on April 11th?

1715.- Jacobo Rodriguez Pereira, Spaniard who created a method in France for teaching the deaf and dumb.

1882.- Fernando Vader, Argentine painter.

1884.- Leon Philippe, Spanish poet.

1919.- Raymond Carr, British, Spanish historian.

Who died on April 11th?

1977Jacques Brevert, French poet.

1983.- Dolores del Rio, Mexican actress.

1987.- Primo Levi, Italian writer.

2007.- Sergio Bardotti, Italian composer.

2009.- Corinne Tilado, Spanish writer.

2012.- Ahmed Ben Bella, the first president of independent Algeria.

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