Netflix: This comedy by Adam Driver and Channing Tatum is the perfect comedy if you want to laugh on a Saturday


It was in 2017 when Steven Soderberg I went back to the big screen with tape Lucky Logan, Who tells a story you’ll definitely remember in a movie Oceans eleven Of the topic.

On the one hand, this aforementioned association does not go beyond that, as Soderberg strives behind the cameras to show the world of the American lower classes and deliver impeccable comedy.

Why watch this bar so good to watch on Saturday?

“Logan Lucky” is a very poetic text Rebecca Blunt. The movie features charming Channing Tatum, who plays Jimmy Logan, a construction worker fired for being lame. So there is a controversy about Medicare and Medicare insurance in the United States.

Jimmy and his family appear in the movie, Logan Those he counted are cursed unfortunately. They all live and work in the state Virginia Occidental (The country that gave the most votes to Donald Trump in the 2016 election). It is filmed day in and day out in a liberal parody of Trumpian demographics.

However, it turns out that on their journey they are going through places of the White Trash subculture for life, like country music on the radio, exhibits with releasing toilet seats instead of horseshoes and other typical things.

Jimmy is in despair during these times of crisis, making a plan to steal a major event race track in NASCAR.

The movie also features his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), Who lost his arm in Iraq and now works as a bartender at a local bar. While his sister, Millie (Riley Keough)He is a hairdresser.


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