What is the first and last point on earth to welcome the new year

The Pacific Ocean is the first and last point on Earth to ring in the New Year (Images: AFP/Google Maps)

2021 is about to end, and with it come celebrations and feasts New Year to give Welcome to 2022. And although people live on the same planet, not all of humanity celebrates at the same time due to time zones that mark different times according to geographical locations.

However, due to the shape of the Earth, it is in breadth The Pacific Ocean Where you experience the first and last moment on New Year’s Eve. the Kiribati Archipelago and the in Howland They are the protagonists of live January 1st 24hrs apart.

Christmas Island is the first island to welcome New Year's Eve (Photo: EFE)
Christmas Island is the first island to welcome New Year’s Eve (Photo: EFE)

It is located in the middle of this ocean Kiribati, a The archipelago consists of 33 islands, but only 20 of them are inhabited; It is located in the northeast of Australia and although it may seem like a very large area, it actually covers 811 square kilometres, which is much smaller than London (1,572 square kilometres) or Mexico City (1,485 square kilometres).

Among the islands stands out send, known as Christmas IslandIt is the largest atoll in the world and the first place January begins every year, according to the Gregorian calendar.

The time difference with Central Mexico time is more than 20 hours, Well, at 04:00 in the morning. December 31 in the country, the Republic of Kiribati welcomes the first month of the new year.

Other geographical points that are also among the first to celebrate this date are New Zealand, on Chatham Island; carrots Fiji; carrots Tonga; Russia; and the Norfolk Island in Australia.

Howland Island is uninhabited (Photo: Google Maps)
Howland Island is uninhabited (Photo: Google Maps)

Also located in the Pacific Ocean, between Australia and Hawaii, is Howland Island, known as Amelia Earhart IslandIn honor of the American pilot who attempted the first round-the-world flight over the equator but disappeared when he flew over this region on July 2, 1937.

The island belongs to the United States, since this state claimed it in 1857; It currently houses a protected sanctuary for endemic wildlife, birds, and marine animals. In order to access this unoccupied site, you need to obtain special permission from the United States government.

The time difference of this geographical point with Mexico is less than five hours, because when it is in the national territory it is 05:00. On January 1, the new year begins on this atoll.

Final points that will celebrate the arrival of 2022 will be: Baker Island and Howland Island USA; Niue in New Zealand; Thete of French Polynesia; Pitcairn Island in the UK; And finally a Mexican point, Revillagigedo Island.

This archipelago is located in Colima (Photo: Bruno Orozco)
This archipelago is located in Colima (Photo: Bruno Orozco)

Although it seems hard to believe this Mexican archipelago He is one of the last to get New Year’s Eve in the country and one of the locations where daylight saving time does not apply; The time difference with central Mexico is minus two hours.

It consists of four islands connected to the federation of ColimaAnd It is located in the Pacific Ocean. In 2016, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarded them a stamp The natural heritage of mankind.

While during Enrique Peña Nieto’s six-year tenure (2012-2018), it was endorsed as national parkmaking it the largest of its kind in North America.

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