WhatsApp | What does the white flag represent and when should you send it? SPORTS-PLAY

WhatsApp |  What does the white flag represent and when should you send it?  SPORTS-PLAY

did you know Has more than 3000 emoji? They are divided into the following categories: emojis, people, animals, nature, food, drinks, activities, trips, places, things, symbols, and finally, flags. In this last section we just mentioned is the white flag icon, what is the purpose of creating it? What is its real meaning? It’s something we’ll explain below.

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in category Flags There are not only flags of different countries in the world, but also checkered, triangular, cross, black, rainbow (LGBT), transgender and pirate flags, all of which have a different meaning and design, but there is one that many users confuse with peace, because white flag.

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What does that mean

The WhatsApp Baptized as the “White Waving Flag”, this symbol was created in 2014 and approved by Unicode in 2015. The emoji appears in white and waving clinging to a pole, what does that mean? If you think it represents peace you are wrong, because the white dove is common. He stated that the white flag icon is traditionally used as a sign of surrender in the same context as ancient wars. .

Emojis are also known

  • white flag.
  • A white flag is waving.
  • Waving a white flag.
A tearful facial emoji (Photo: Emojipedia).

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