Where will the seemingly gravity-defying floating tower be?


The futuristic cities we knew in science fiction movies are closer than we think and we only look at the new design of the Japanese architecture firm So FujimotoProject winner New City Center Landmark, a “floating tower” That will change the world of architecture.

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Photo: So Fujimoto

The New City Center Landmark will be work عمل The huge that seems to emanate from Qianhai Bay, in Shenzhen, China, who connects Hong Kong , with the mainland. This region has the distinction of being an important commercial center that strives to be a pioneer in modernity, innovation and luxury.

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island in the clouds

Photo: So Fujimoto.

The New City Center Landmark It will be a commercial and commercial development, whose architecture will give the optical illusion of being suspended in the water. The design of this building is similar to the cylindrical fountain they called “the floating island”, and its height will be 268 meters, which is slightly less than the height of Eiffel tower.

99 support beams will fall from the top, according to So FujimotoThey will be islands that will become thinner as they fall, and they will represent water fall.

The top of this floating tower – larger in diameter – will be circular in shape, a kind of “island in the clouds” surrounded by trees and open spaces with stunning views towards the city.

A key part of the inspiration for this design was the icon Eiffel tower. Team So Fujimoto He wanted to recreate the concept of the tower and take it to the next level. They wondered what the tower should look like today and that over the years it does not lose its importance, as it did with the great iron structure of Paris.

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View of Qianhai Bay Shenzhen

floating_island_china_3.jpg Photo: So Fujimoto.

The top of the tower will serve as an exhibition area and business centre. There will also be space for 3D exhibitions. Even inside this floating island, visitors will have the opportunity to see the bay from below and then climb to the top.

When New City Center Landmark Opening its doors will be one of the most things that travelers expect. However, there is no date for construction to begin yet. Plans have been developed from 2019 to 2020 and the announcement of this project was announced only a few days ago.

floating_island_china_4.jpgPhoto: So Fujimoto.

In public places there will be a restaurant where it is possible to watch the sunset, as well as a cafeteria.

astral attractionجاذبية floating tower It will be an observation platform to contemplate the deep blue color of Bahia de Qianhai.

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Sou Fujimoto, Architects Who Defy Boundaries

floating_island_china_5.jpgPhoto: So Fujimoto.

This construction, according to Sue Fujimoto, represents unity, but also diversity. This will be reflected in the upper platform from which 99 islands will fall. An interesting part of the design is that based on the perspective, you can consider the unity or distinction of each of the elements that make up the tower. To give this illusion of hanging in the air, tension cables will be placed in the structure.

The materials used will be steel, carbon fiber, concrete, high strength ropes, etc. The floating tower will be part of a project that seeks to create the city of the future.

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