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The calm of the coast, the cultural offer and gastronomy, the warm humid climate and the natural scenery are some of the characteristics of the regions that have Beaches. Those who prefer to enjoy a life free from the clutter of urban spaces can consider purchasing a house or apartment that will allow them to stay near the sea and enjoy all the benefits that the housing in the city has to offer. the places How Cancun.

Characteristics found in regions with Playa They are a good investment, according to experts. Who reside in it Homes Or sections near the sea have the opportunity to improve their physical and emotional health, enjoy water activities, discover community culture, discover other destinations, enjoy natural wealth and, in general, have a more quality of life. Additionally, these homeowners who just want to spend their vacation can rent out their property to tourists who want to travel in the low season and get extra cash.

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“In the sea is the most delicious life”

The famous phrase in the lyrics of the song of tropical musician Carlos Argentino is correct. People who live near the sea tend to have a more relaxed life and a healthier body.

According to the publication The Ocean Decade – Opportunities for the Oceans and Human Health Programs to Contribute to Public Health, issued by the professional organization American Public Health Association (based in Washington, DC), oceans work to improve human health, because seafood provides a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients. For body and mind, other natural extracts from marine organisms are cures for diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids help with cardiovascular health and prevent certain types of cancer and even depression. In addition, the specialists in the Chair of Oceans and Human Health, a chair established by the University of Girona (UdG) and the City of Roses (municipality in Spain) aims to promote and implement studies on the complex relationships that exist between marine ecosystems and human health, proving that the leisure activities that take place in The sea or the coast, like walking along Playa Or exercise, provide physical health benefits, contribute to emotional well-being, and improve mental health.

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On the other hand, the acquisition of a a house In an area out Playa Gives the opportunity to go on vacation or live “in Heaven”. This is how Mauricio Rovirusa, Director of Operations Cancún Shark Tower and Grupo Luximia, believes that the Covid-19 epidemic has changed the lives of many people who today seek to migrate to a warmer climate and enjoy calm, comfort and comfort. Quality of life.

The quarantine affected many industries, but did not affect the real estate located in the vicinity Playa. Thanks to its high economic activity, growth, lifestyle, amenities and culture, it is attractive, profitable, and places like Puerto Cancun, Their capital gains increased.

Any of the prospects for investing in Cancun It can mean a business, because the closer to the water, the more investment that brings in greater capital gains. Any of the areas with Playa good. The Mexican Caribbean has many benefits, ”Mauricio revealed, in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

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In the same cities Playa Life is calmer, more relaxed and relaxed with activities related to the sea is better. According to attorney Adriana Manas, Deputy Commercial Director of Ciudad Maderas Peninsula in charge of development in Yucatan And the Cancun sales team, they have the natural wealth that provides physical, mental and economic benefits.

Adriana explained to EL UNIVERSAL that many of her clients are buying for rent. Some tourists prefer to spend their holidays in an apartment or a house Than it is in a hotel, so it’s an interesting business that can make a profit on handing over the property.

Experts agree that there are two great benefits you can migrate to the region with Playa Or rent. Some owners occupy the house on vacation and provide the space for the rest of the year. Thus, income is obtained which can help pay for property or maintenance.

Due to the humidity, homes in cities near the sea need more care than those in urban spaces. Adriana and Mauricio comment that it’s best to find someone you trust who knows the perfect home care tools and techniques and pays for services. In tourist countries, you can get companies dedicated to this.

Those who buy in condominiums or residences must pay a monthly fee to take care of the gardens and public areas. Mauricio said the cost varies according to the area and type of property, ranging between 1,000 and 20,000 pesos.

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Still, Cancun is in development. Experts understand that real estate being sold in this Quintana Roo Town will increase in value.

Cancun Shark Tower expert highlighted that Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos, and Bacalar are other areas in it. Playa This is something worth knowing about investing and buying in a condominium. He explained that there is a large variety of real estate for different budgets.

“Cancun is the number one destination for a vacation in Mexico. Your investment has great potential,” Mauricio concluded. “The Caribbean Sea, the sea, the tropical climate, 300 sunny days a year and the sporting activities make the destination different.”

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Is it okay to use INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE credit to land a home in a beach area?

Experts consider it yes, because there are opportunities and banks offer syndicated loans.

Those without the benefits have the ability to request their Ciudad Maderas credit, which contains 1% of the competitive unpaid balance and is only processed with official identification and proof of address.

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