Why does my dog ​​bark at certain people? Science has an incredible answer to this question – El Sol de Tampico

Why does my dog ​​bark at certain people?  Science has an incredible answer to this question – El Sol de Tampico

If you own a dog, you may have a friend or neighbor tenderloin He always barks and growls at him for no apparent reason. However, science has found a possible answer to this behavior, which is that puppies have a sensitivity that makes them see people you might not want to be around.

Puppies don’t like bad people

According to an article published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral ReviewsDogs are perfectly capable of detecting if one person is mean to another.

The study he did Osaka UniversityOn Japanalso showed that dogs use this information to influence the way they interact with their owners, i.e. your dog can notice when you are not very kind to others, and this affects how they see you.

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They simulated the help scene

Group Scientists He came to this conclusion after running a series of tests, in which they asked the owners to act out a scenario while they were observing them with furs. The owners pretended that they were trying to open a container, but could not, so they sought help from researchers.

Each time they performed this procedure, one researcher remained silent, while the other helped the dog owner open the container, or flatly refused. After acting out the scenario, the researchers served a snack to the tenderloin.

Your dog is watching you

However, in the case where a researcher deliberately refused to help open the container, the dogs were more likely to ignore the treatment they received. Which means they didn’t like or trust a scientist who was mean to his owner.

Scientists have confirmed that dogs are capable of judging undesirable behavior from humans, and will dismiss them if they are demonstrably terrible. So double check how you behave in front of tenderloinBecause your four-legged friend is silently judging you.

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