Luis Miguel, the series, is one of the Netflix productions that has had the greatest impact on its followers, since then, a life story ‘mexico sunHe monopolized many covers in the world and won the hearts of millions of fans who followed him, not only for the movie, but also for his long career as an artist.

Given this, and after the success of the first and second seasons, it was known that Netflix already intends to create a third part and despite the fact that the streaming platform has not officially announced it, one of the main actors expressed it through their social networks.

It is worth noting that the series, which tells the musical biography, is produced by MGM and Gato Grande Productions. In this sense, they are the only companies licensed by the Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer.

Without further ado, in the following lines we will tell you whether Diego Bonita will continue the series that breathes life into Sol de Mexico.

Luis Miguel, Serial: Will Diego Bonita be in Season Three?

The series, which chronicles the life of Luis Miguel, will continue to be interpreted by Diego Bonita, as the actor not only gives life to Sol de México, but is also the executive producer of “Luis Miguel, the serial” and is the singer’s partner, for which the producer receives a percentage of the royalties .

In addition, at the end of the second season of the series, Bonita used his official Instagram account to inform all his followers that “the sun will continue to shine in the third and final season.”

Luis Miguel, Serial: When does the third season premiere?

As it was known, Netflix already has an agreement to implement the third project in the life of Luis Miguel, but the release date has not yet been revealed, but it is expected that it will be at least next year, due to the recordings.

Luis Miguel series: What happened at the end of season two?

In the final chapter of Luis Miguel, the second season series, it was possible to see the conclusion of the participation of the father’s grandmother “Sol de México”. In addition, we witnessed the singer’s separation from his younger brother Sergio who went to the United States to live with Doc.

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