Will they close the Fundadores de Toluca Science Park? Find out why – the sun of Toluca

Will they close the Fundadores de Toluca Science Park?  Find out why – the sun of Toluca

Part of the roof panel installed on the roof of a walk-in bridge Founders Science Park Located in the center of the Mexican capital, it allegedly collapsed on Friday night while reconstruction work was being carried out.

According to the versions, the infrastructure had collapsed due to the oxidation of the screws supporting it and during the maneuvers of the workers.

Therefore, the area was immediately cordoned off so that civil protection elements could review it, as well as employees from the Ministry of Tourism and the fields of culture.

It was the collapsed structure that covered the roof of the central bridge, right through to access to the shops and museum.

According to the authorities’ report, other work was carried out in that area, the area was covered with black tarpaulin and the extension was closed to visitors.

Its area is about 20 meters and it did not cause any injury to the users, as it was already night when the collapse occurred.

For now, this weekend this area will be closed to visitors and will remain under siege.

According to the original project of the work, the park, which opened in November, cost 350 million pesos.

Likewise, its maintenance costs about 10 million pesos per year.

doing jobs

Through a technical file, the Department of Urban Development and Construction (sido) from the state government that work is being carried out at Science Park during the month of July, which includes removing the roof from some areas.

Similarly, the agency has specified that public places to visitors will not be closed while the scheduled repair process continues.

The Secretariat for Urban Development and Works (Seduo) has reported that it has identified, from June to July of this year, night maintenance work on the Parque de la Ciencia Fundadores, which includes the dismantling of some roofs.

Seduo stated that during these tasks the park operates normally, as these works do not affect the hours the space is open to the public.The agency stated in its summary statement.

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