Will Veracruz residents continue to migrate to the United States and Canada? This refers to Dorheny Garcia – Diario de Xalapa

owner Minister of Labour, Social Welfare and Productivity, Dorheny García Caetano confirmed that inside Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PETAT) At least a hundred workers from different parts of the entity immigrated to the United States and Canada.

In an interview, he pointed out that this migration is Legal, Safe, Regulated and TemporaryIts goal is to help people generate income, in addition to continuing to receive remittances to the state.

This will help us a little bit so that people continue to bring in remittances, and the ideal is that because there are limited places abroad and because of their regulations, they gradually open the capacity, this allows us not to shut down the source of remittances and continue to maintain investments in the country“, a statement.

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He noted that for each recruitment process, which is created according to the needs of each company, there are groups among them 20 and 50 people abroad.

This amount per company, there are many companies, but not all of them are open at the same time because they go by piece and need companies, but it is a fairly high percentage, as there were 20 companies from the north, 50 went to recruit in a few days, but it depends Recruiters in companies“, She said.

He stated that the workforce of the Nordic countries is formed in the northern region, the Xalapa region and the central region, Córdoba-Orizaba.

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