With Gerardo Zamora and Eduardo Odo de Pedro at the helm, the rulers of Norte Grande descend on the United States.

With Gerardo Zamora and Eduardo Odo de Pedro at the helm, the rulers of Norte Grande descend on the United States.

After the tour of the Minister of Economy, Serge Massaand subsequent approval of the President Alberto Fernandez Last week, a delegation of Norte Grande governors arrived in the United States headed by its provisionally loyal president, The president of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora. Tomorrow, Monday, they will launch a strategic agenda that will focus on investments and will boost exports based on key resources for the future that emerges.

A delegation of nine county chiefs from the northern region intends to visit Washington and New York as part of a commercial promotion plan, accompanied by the Secretary of the Interior, Eduardo Wado de Pedroand Chairman of the Federal Investment Council. The agenda includes meetings with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

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In addition to Zamora, the governors traveled Ral Khalil (Catamarca), Jorge Capitic (Chaco), Gildo Insfrn (formosa), Gerardo Morales (juchoy), Ricardo Quintella (Rioja), Oscar Herrera Hoods (missions) Gustavo Sens (Salta) and Lieutenant Governor of Tucumán, Regina Amado. They are all part of the group of leaders of the great north of Argentina.

“The objective of the institutional mission of the rulers of the Great Northern Argentina Demonstrate the productive, industrial, touristic and cultural potential of the region In order to obtain new investments, boost exports and create more jobs,” the Governor of Santiago explained.

Zamora added that, “with a focus on the productive profiles of resources such as lithium, cotton and agri-food production for export, they will also hold meetings with key players.” research centers In the United States, “the goal is to promote”Potential of the North in terms of energy, food security, mining and electrical conversionshowing the potential of the ten provinces of northern Argentina”

The agenda largely repeats the themes promoted during their time in the United States by the head of state and the economy minister in their meetings with officials, academics and businessmen in Washington, New York and Houston. In all of these meetings, Argentina’s potential in terms of food and energy – vaca muerta and renewable energy matrices – were part of the talks.

According to Zamora, these are the issues that northern Argentine rulers have begun to discuss and work on jointly and with a strategic vision, above any partisan politics or secondary interest.

To a large extent, the agenda repeats the axes that the head of state, Alberto Fernandez, and Minister Sergio Massa have promoted in their meetings with officials, academics and businessmen, in Washington, New York and Houston.

overall vision

During meetings with international organizations, the goal is to encourage further investments in the various strategic productive parks that allow this Promoting bilateral trade in the so-called “Northern Biosynthetic Corridor”.. They will also visit the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Agriculture and the International Cotton Advisory Committee.

On the business side, meetings are expected with representatives Amazon, American Chamber of Commerce, Council of the Americas, authorities United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and visits to lithium investors, among other initiatives.

From its first meeting on December 11, 2020 in Resistencia, to its last meeting on September 9, 2022 in the same city, with 13 assemblies have been completed, the development of a commercial mission and the current process is in full swingThe Norte Grande Association has managed to place itself among the priorities of the National Public Agenda. Its political mission is to advance a series of demands in pursuit of structural reforms that would reverse decades of asymmetry with this region.

During this year, the regional council was able to do The mission to the United Arab Emirates, the first industrial, productive, gastronomic, touristic and cultural exhibition of the Great North And the completion of the establishment of a foreign trade agency. In addition to its ability to produce food and minerals, the region offers Great wealth and diversity of tourism and cultural products and services Which constitute opportunities for investment and development.

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