With this application you can “revive” your grandfather, grandfather, or whoever you want

With this application you can “revive” your grandfather, grandfather, or whoever you want

Artificial intelligence and visual computing technology continue to advance. The most recent sample is kept by MyHeritage, a web platform where users can create and expand their family trees, which was done this week. Released a service by which users can recover old photos of their relatives.

Through artificial intelligence tools known as Deep nostalgia, The company offers the possibility to convert images (regardless of whether they are color or black and white) into a small video for a few seconds, and see how the computer interprets a person’s expressions according to the image.

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Test image

The service currently available on the company’s website allows the user to choose from 10 different animations or expressions. Depending on the position of the face and the expression of the person in the image, the tool recommends an animation, in order to avoid errors when reading or creating the video.

My heritage It states on its website that the images that are shared or uploaded by users are not shared with third parties in order to avoid risks to users’ privacy and security.

An example of how technology works

however, MyHeritage boasts on its website that it already has over 62 million users Worldwide, a database with more than 13,000 million records, 58 million family trees and nearly 4.7 million DNA data, from users who have used the company’s genetic testing service.

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Although the goal MyHeritage does not generate misleading informationBut to remind their ancestors, the precision with which AI Deep Nostalgia “revives” some faces. It is more than amazing, it gives a clear idea The danger Deepfakes could pose in the coming years.

The system offers up to ten types of animation

Companies like Kaspersky and Norton have cited Deepfakes, understood as an artificial medium in which a person in an existing photo or video is replaced by another person’s image, as one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in the coming years.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence engines and tools Building these deepfakes isn’t just the simplest, Instead, it allows creating more complex and therefore dangerous content.

An example of this concept TikTok account known as deepTomCruise, Where network users can watch videos of the famous Hollywood actor making distinctive gestures or gestures, but the actor does not participate in it because he is Deepfake

This Tom Cruise is not Tom Cruise

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