The mind of the 1998 iMac G3 conquers Mars thanks to NASA’s perseverance


With the landing of the last mission on Mars, The Rover perseveranceAs well as part of Apple’s history. The chip inside is A variation of the same thing we saw on 1998 iMac G3PowerPC 750. Of course, with a series of properties adapted to the harsh conditions of the red planet.

Destination Planet: The PowerPC That Transitioned from the iMac G3 to Perseverance Twenty Years Later

Thanks to the technical specifications Distributed By NASA A few months ago, we could get an idea of ​​what this slide would look like. PowerPC 750 that mounts on this Rover It comes in two versions, to have a replacement if one of them fails. In addition, we have the following details:

  • It runs at 200 Mbps, which is about 10 times faster than computers Rovers Curiosity y opportunity.
  • 2GB flash memory, around 8 times the memory of Curiosity and Opportunity.
  • 256 MB of RAM.
  • 256 KB ROM.
  • Designed by IBM and Motorola, and manufactured by BAE Systems.

In that sense, it feels like the most important mission of recent years has been dispatched with the latest technology … twenty years ago. However, these chips Have a special anti-radiation treatment Which is estimated at $ 300,000. However, the power of this chip is more than enough to withstand the tasks that this robot faces on the Red Planet.

Only when we expect a revamp iMac 2021It’s weird to look back at its history. The color iMac was developed under the temporary mandate of Steve Jobs He saw the light in August 1998. He was responsible for the start of Apple’s recovery, Giving financial oxygen to the company To think about: iPod. Its PowerPC processor comes from the same Perseverance family, 750. But the G3 has been renamed to have a more popular name.

Of course, it is certain that none of those involved in its development subsequently believed that their chips would reach Mars.

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