Fans wonder about the leaked silhouettes of the legends of Pokémon: Arceus – Nintenderos


One of the most mysterious projects in development for Nintendo Switch He is the one that was newly revealed Pokemon Myths: ArceusA handover that will take us back in time to learn more about the interesting origin of Pokemon legendary Arceus.

The most interesting thing is that it looks like this release will have a renewed gameplay with multiple bold innovations in the series. Pokemon, Which has now been enhanced with the latest leaked images of the game, which could have been revealed new Pokemon And characteristics.

In the first image below, the arrow is indicating what appears to be new Pokemon Deer, although not entirely clear of low quality. The following photos show us several intriguing looking silhouettes Pokemon, But the most interesting thing is that they suggest we can ride for sure Pokemon Anytime, even during combat.

The community is still discussing these photos so everything said here will be speculation until we get official confirmation from the company. You can see them for yourself below:

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