“Without integral well-being, no one can live, work, be an entrepreneur and, in general, be completely happy.”


We speak with Eva Hernandez, responsible for المسؤولة natural healthCartagena, Inc. is dedicated to seeking the well-being of its customers through traditional Chinese medicine. We review her career with her and talk about feelings, emotions, or her connection to CREA Networks.

What services does Eva Hernández Salud Natural offer?

At Eva Hernández Salud Natural, we help people who want to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally in a natural way, through traditional Chinese therapy. Through this we analyze their condition, what are their symptoms, diseases, and origin, as well as the relationship they may have with their mental and emotional state, and with tools such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, food and flowers. At Bach we help them find luxury and feel comfortable in the world.

What is the most common customer prototype you serve?

The people who come to our center are people who understand respect for their bodies, their lives, and the environment in turn, who understand that taking care of themselves in a natural way is for the good of life and nature not just to cover up or mask the symptoms, but to understand why they appear in their lives, and with our help they can return to a state of general well-being.

How did Eva Hernandez get here? What study? Have you always wanted to devote yourself to this sector?

This sector has always been professional to me. Through my family career, I began studying veterinary medicine, after which I specialized in traditional Chinese medicine for pets, helping them in an integrative way with both Western medicine (chemical medicines) and natural medicine (acupuncture, medicinal plants, Bach flowers).

After that, I was trained as a Senior Technician in People’s Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 years of training culminating in a stay at No. 1 Hospital in Guangzhou in China where I can learn firsthand how to help people in a much more harmless and natural way.

To what extent can we recognize and help ourselves from TCM?

This question is very interesting, because I always like to explain that learning to recognize the signs our body shows is learning how to take care of ourselves, and with the recognition I made on the first visit, we always explore language, because language is a reflection of his body, and I take advantage of that moment so that he understands A person why, for example, always has a dense white layer on top of the tongue, or why his tongue is very red, or has cracks. , or dental signs … Understands in the context of the rest of his symptoms, and learns every day when he can look at his tongue at home to know, for example, which foods he is best to eat that day and which ones he should avoid.

How can emotions affect our physical condition? vice versa?

Very much, I would like to explain this to you with a metaphor. Let’s imagine that our physical body is a car. Western medicine is great for repairing any damage to that car, the broken part can almost certainly be replaced, also as many times as necessary. But now, if that car is constantly in need of repair, because it is constantly breaking down, then nothing seems to be going well, right? We forget that car has a driver, that will be your emotions and your mind, and if you’re not right, that driver will come back over and over to crash into that car.

That is why the interrelationship of these three areas of a person’s life must always be taken into account in a global way, what we call a holistic, this will be the only way that the driver and the car will have safety and quality in your life. Journey of your life.

What advice would you give someone who is skeptical about the type of services you provide, such as traditional Chinese therapy?

First of all, I would like to tell you to be calm, and that I am the first to want to dispel all doubts that may arise. Traditional Chinese medicine is very old and unknown to many in the West. The help we will give you after studying your case in detail from traditional Chinese medicine will always be after the first visit about 2 hours, where we will ask you everything in your life, such as your appetite, thirst, urine, stool, pain, menstruation, memory, concentration, sleep, status Your emotional level, stress level, etc., as well as from your past, and even from your family history.

Later we analyze the pulse in both wrists, explore the tongue, look at the iris and explore some reflex zones in the feet, all of this will give us a great deal of information to base and explain to the person what is happening from traditional therapy in China, and how we will help you solve it.

Is there still a lot of reluctance to speak freely about our feelings and emotions?

They are less and less true, and more since last year that affected many people on a mental and emotional level. It is very important to be aware of who we are emotionally and mentally and to have the will and strength to improve it. We always work in an integrated manner with health professionals in both the field of psychology, psychiatry and general medicine, because in many cases integrative therapy is required to help the person in a global way.

How can a company in your sector help a group like CREA?

Very often in communication groups we only see companies from more well-known sectors such as construction, travel, insurance or real estate, but it is true that there are more and more companies from the health and semi-health sectors, so it is necessary today, and not only at the moment is very sensitive At the level of global health we live in, but because without integral well-being no one can live, work, be an entrepreneur and, in general, be completely happy.

Are associations like CREA more important than ever in a time like the ones we live in on a social and business level?

That’s right, that famous phrase says “Unity is strength,” and we are now more than ever verifying it. Not only because of the crisis, but because the world of work is not easy in general, belonging to CREA opens doors for you, helps you to give your best and be in constant improvement both personally and at work, and this is proven by seeing how more and more companies want to be a part from our group.

What benefits did CREA give you on a personal and business level?

Well, a lot of truth. Sharing your personal and business growth with more companies, constant help from your colleagues for improvement, receiving more clients, as well as being satisfied with being able to send clients to them as well, makes belonging to this association one of the best decisions to make the standard of work you have made.

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