Woman loses job recording TikToks; They raised his salary

Woman loses job recording TikToks;  They raised his salary

Create content for social networks It has become an activity through which Millions of people All over the world, although many have reached success With this kind of work, others lived the truth Nightmares.

Examples of the above are: A United States woman Which He lost his job Because he did Tik Tok During his work day, although the saddest part of the story is that recently He may have received a raise to “six figures”Aimen Millions of dollars annual.

The story of the woman who lost her job recording TikTok

Through your profile Tik Tok, Michelle Serna (@brokeasshorsegirl) shared with her followers the experience she went through after deciding to record a short video while working in a company in Las vigas.

According to his story, in the small clip he captured and shared, the sound can be heard in the background. In the voice of a number of his companionsalsoYeswho were in a meeting.

“I was in a weekly meeting, They were having a conversation that had nothing to do with me.So I set up my camera, recorded a 20-second video, and hit “Publish.” “I didn't think anything of this.”

Although the young woman noticed the sounds, she paid little attention to these details; However, that was exactly it a reason Which the next day section HR To be expelled because of A “Gross negligence” At work.

Why was she expelled?

Among the arguments they gave to the woman to justify her dismissal from the company, in which she had barely worked 8 monthsIt was: making a personal video during working hours, Not getting the approval of your co-workers Or the company for the same thing Record a secret conversation Violating the company's trust.

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