Israel tests the advanced Spyder air defense system

Israel tests the advanced Spyder air defense system

Rafael announces with satisfaction the successful testing of its advanced anti-aircraft defense system Spider In its latest configuration, All in one.

RaphaelIn cooperation with Defense Research and Development Directorate Subordinate Israeli Ministry of DefenceSuccessfully completed an important test of the anti-aircraft defense system Spider In its most advanced version, called All in one. This test consisted of the precise interception of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a challenging operational scenario, representing a milestone in air defense capability.

the system Spidermade by RaphaelIt has proven to be an effective air defense solution used by military forces around the world to counter various air threats, including missiles, drones, aircraft, helicopters and tactical ballistic missiles. This system is able to intercept threats thanks to two families of interceptor missiles that it developed Raphaelknown as Python And Derby.


he Spiderwhose name is derived from “Surface-to-Air Python and Derby”, is a short- and medium-range mobile air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems In cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Since its successful testing in 2005, it has appeared at numerous military exhibitions around the world and demonstrated its ability to defend fixed assets and provide point and area protection in combat zones.

he Brigadier General (Res.) Benny YoungmanExecutive Vice President and Head of the Air Defense Division RaphaelHe stressed that Rafael is a world leader in developing effective air defense systems against a wide range of threats. “The successful testing of the SPYDER All-in-One system represents a significant technological advance and demonstrates its exceptional effectiveness in intercepting difficult threats.”


newly, Raphael Introduced the new configuration of Spidernamed All in oneWhich includes an integrated radar, an electro-optical launcher, an advanced command and control system, in addition to interceptor missiles. Python And DerbyAll installed on one platform. This configuration has been revealed as the optimal solution for point or area air defence, either as part of a battery Spider Or publish it independently.

The last test of the system was conducted in Israel last month Spyder all in one It was able to successfully intercept a drone in a complex operational scenario, demonstrating its operational capability. Several countries, incl Czech Republicadopted air defense system configurations Spider in its arsenal, demonstrating its confidence in technology Raphael As a contributor to national security. Raphael We will continue to develop advanced air defense solutions to meet your needs Israel Defense Forces and its clients around the world.

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