What is Sephora Kids? The trend is lighting up red lights on social networks and parents

What is Sephora Kids?  The trend is lighting up red lights on social networks and parents

The new trend has become a topic of discussion on social networks. It's about “Sephora Kids” also “Sephora girls” In reference to purchases of makeup and skin care products made by minors in the aforementioned store.

in Tik Tokdifferent users like @cloevanberkel showed the growing trend of girls buying unnecessary makeup products for their age such as retinol, suntan lotions, concealer, etc.

Although the controversy extends to the behaviors presented by these young girls in makeup stores. As explained by user @abbythebadassmom, who said that during one of her visits to a Sephora store to buy makeup, a girl no more than 7 years old snatched a product from her, opened it, used it inside the store, and then left it.

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in tik tok, Dozens of videos document not only the testimonials, but also that some users chose to visit stores across the United States to check whether product testers had been reportedly spoiled and wasted by “Sephora Kids.”

Some media outlets such as The Independent have already written about the growing trend in the United States. According to reports, girls are asking their parents to buy products from high-end makeup brands such as Dior, or skin care brands such as Drunk Elephant for their personal use.

This behavior will respond to the supply and demand that exists on social networks for the videos of users who create them “Out of the box” of beauty products, Tutorials Make-up or skin care Or they tell their experiences trying different products.

What has red lights going on in the United States is that younger girls are increasingly appearing in videos on social media sharing their beauty routines.

Although there is no specific documented age range, some TikTokers and content creators mention it “Sephora Kids” They are young girls between the ages of 10 and 14 who have started their own beauty channels on the said platform.

This is the case of user @maripau.grwm, a 13-year-old girl who shares her beauty routine with over a million subscribers. The channel description even says: “The account is managed by my mother.”

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The minor will be based in Bogotá, Colombia, and she uploaded a video talking about “Sephora Kids” that has already received more than 70 thousand “likes” and many comments referring to her as part of this trend.

“But it's also from Sephora Kids, right?”, “Dear, you're a year older than Sephora Kids,” “But there's a kid from Sephora talking about them?” If ns, I don't understand it.

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