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It is true that exercising in the gym can become more comfortable, versatile and safe – with the accompaniment of professionals – but after the Coronavirus pandemic, we saw that we can also adapt our departments to exercise effectively.

To do this, you need to choose the right sports equipment and in Country gallery We have entrusted ourselves with the task of collecting the Eight which we deem necessary. From a set of dumbbells or TRX, to an elliptical machine, it’s all Available at Amazon And they have Rating greater than 4.2 stars out of 5.

Matt de Yoga

Classic Yoga Mat – 182 cm long, 60 cm wide and 6 cm thick – ideal for supporting neck, back and hips in all types of exercise. Fitness. It is made of NBR foam, which is non-toxic material free of so called 6p (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP). Comes with a built-in carry strap so you can comfortably fasten your carpet everywhere; Plus, you can choose from eight different colors.

Buy for $ 509.00 on Amazon

Ankle or wrist weights

Perfect for adding resistance in home workouts, walking, running, abs, and aerobic exercise, among other exercises. This set of weights is a Bestseller on AmazonWith over 11,000 reviews– It can be adjusted to the leg, ankle, wrist or arm with the heavy duty Velcro pad. Made of neoprene outer fabric, breathable and moisture-wicking material, for added comfort. You can choose different weights, from 0.5 to 2.3 kg, and between eight different colors.

Buy for $ 359.18 on Amazon

Aerial traffic platform

With over 10500 reviews on amazonThis exercise platform adapts for users of all fitness levels. Fitness It is ideal for improving endurance, strength and overall fitness. It is light and easy to transport, and is available in 3 different colors plus it has a non-slip surface so that the training routine is safe. The platform is 67 cm long and 28 cm wide and can be adjusted in two levels of height, 10.16 and 15.24 cm.

Buy for $ 748.80 on Amazon

PUSH-UPS support

Take pushups to the next level with The perfect push-up exercise for elite fitnessIt is a support designed to twist slightly and engage more muscles when exercising. Contoured to increase strength and definition of arms, shoulders, chest, back and stomach. Equipped with ergonomic handles that help distribute weight evenly, to reduce stress points and stress on joints such as the wrist. This holder is tightly attached to all floor surfaces; Plus, thanks to the fact that it can withstand a maximum weight of 180 kg, you can ramp up your sessions with a heavy jacket.

Buy for $ 651.68 on Amazon

Elliptical machine

Equipped with a heart rate monitor – to measure the heart rate – a knob for adjusting tension to eight levels and transmission wheels, this elliptical machine is ideal for A cardio routine at home. It features a sweat-proof, foam-coated grip and a digital LCD screen to monitor your heart rate, time, speed, calories burned, pulse and distance traveled. Plus, at just 11 inches tall, it easily fits in almost any space, including bedrooms and small rooms.

Buy for $ 5,799.00 on Amazon

Resistance Patrol

This set of resistance bands is one of our must-have sports items Doing exercise at home. They are ideal for effectively strengthening legs, arms and buttocks; For example, we can increase the level in squats or exchange weights for arm exercises. This elastic band kit, which is made of non-toxic latex, contains five strips of different colors, according to their resistance level – pink, orange, blue, gray and black; Likewise, they can be carried anywhere without problems, thanks to their carry case.

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Cufflinks set

Having several dumbbells at home is essential, as they are one of the most commonly used sports items to strengthen muscles and burn fat. This group is from the brand Sunny Health & Fitness It comes with 12 interchangeable weights to create dumbbells of 2.25kg, 4.5kg or 9kg each. It has a vinyl-coated steel bar, with a curved grip that matches the natural arc of the hand, and two locking stars, made of polypropylene, to keep weights in place, even during extreme movements.

Buy $ 1,099.41 on Amazon


This suspension system, adjustable on any door, pole, beam or tree, allows you to increase strength, improve flexibility, and exercise most body muscles. The TRX Travel Set comes with a training belt, two types of anchors to carry and a bag to store. Also Includes a complete guide with exercises From the arms, legs or stomach, indicators of mastering the seven basic steps, thus obtaining a strong and harmonious body. Once learned, you can develop countless variations as you progress at your own pace.

Buy 3495.00 at Amazon

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