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The Ministry of Culture of Chihuahua, through the Department of Cultural Development for Children in Alas y Raíces, is implementing the Children and Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition (Fijac), whose 2021 edition will feature virtual face-to-face activities, which will take place from April 19-30.

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There will be more than 80 free activities, such as science workshops, information capsules, art courses, dance performances, theater, storytelling, book shows, puppet shows, and many more.

Face-to-face events will take place in the new facilities of the Alas Way Rice Center for Cultural Development for Children, located at the corner of 29th Street with North Section Street, following health indicators and warnings of epidemiological traffic lights, and paying attention to measures of hygiene, health distance, and control capacity.

As for the virtual activities, it will be broadcast via the Zoom platform and the official social networks of the Ministry of Culture, especially on the Facebook page Alas y Raíces Chihuahua (@ ar.cuu).

In order to provide cultural options to all citizens as a human right, there will also be activities in alternative places, such as the Women’s Rehabilitation Center, Reto a la Juventud de México, in Ciudad Juárez; Adolescent Delinquent Social Reintegration Centers (CERSAI) in Chihuahua; Or Casa Hogar del DIF, where the workshops, actors, actresses, dancers and dancers will bring all the fun of Fijac 2021.

Fijac opens a space to nurture and nurture the curiosity and creativity of children and adolescents through experimentation and learning and through inclusion, fairness, creativity, critical thinking and entertainment; Thus enhancing their participation, not only as a public, but as responsible and engaged future citizens.

Some virtual activities require registration, as you can call (614) 5134939 and (614) 1691431.

Watch the full program and all information on FIJAC 2021 at: www.facebook.com/ar.cuu/

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