Specialists are raising global health challenges at the Medicine Conference


The Multi-hash From the Mexican health system launched a Lack of prevention and quick response To take care of patients in the country, experts assured.

This is during the conference Challenges in global health The 32nd International Conference on Medicine By Tec de Monterrey.

“The general order is 93% of the interest of Mexicans, We have at least 7 or 8 subsystems, 50% of which are in the official business scheme, which is the Information Management System (IMSS). ”

“Then there are the state workers, the unions, the Pemex, the militia, etc. This fragmentation renders us extremely ineffective, Announced Manuel PerezDean of the Monterey District from College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The conference took place around April 9th ​​as students and part of the Tec de Monterrey community joined in the dialogue with the experts.

He stated that the solution to this split system is Create a shared fileWhere all health professionals can get acquainted with The same medical information for every patient.

“With the unique file of the human being, we are making great strides in solving the health problems of our citizens.”

She also acknowledged that the fragmentation stems from government changes.

Unfortunately, every change in government brings change at different levels: federalism, statehood, and municipality, and this is the other fracture., He said.

Combining specialization and primary care

Kiss a plus Of patients in the primary care sector, Manuel Perez recommended specialist physicians Public health training.

“It is important that of an exercise In Bachelor’s degree for Subjects Public Health and Epidemiology We must give them the importance they deserve. ”, He said.

He added that even if they are cardiologists, chest surgeons, or internists, they must follow this approach in order not to forget that First contact It is up to most Population.

“When we go deeper into the subspecialty, we go deeper and forget the breadth and that Capacitance It is what affects the most community Health, He pointed out.

Medicare conference

The evolution of models of care

If we wanted to education For our health professionals, we have to think about it Sponsorship Models It moves from prevention and promotion to end-of-life care.

This is how he shared it Hector Carrasco is a surgeon at the TicD Monterrey Center A masters degree in Johns Hopkins University from the United States.

“We also have to think about everything that comes our way, like Climate change, urbanization and population aging.

“In the end, health professionals are closest to the people who are struggling. Doctors are the advocates of the poor, Is detailed.

And our health professionals should be, he said able To influence Public policy To change how the health system is structured and how the political and economic system is structured.

Diabetes in Mexico 32nd Congress of Medicine

Diabetes in Mexico

He emphasized that diabetes is a snowball that will end like an avalanche Daniel Bernal is a surgeon and MA in Human Studies from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

He mentioned during his participation in the conference that, for More than a decadeOne in ten Mexicans suffers from this disease.

“The problem is that when we go to see the complications, nothing is accelerating over the burden of disease, from Chronic kidney failureThat is caused by diabeteshe added.

Unfortunately, no structure In Mexico it makes Early care arrives too late.

“We physicians lack health professionals or people dedicated to public health. We need training to design programs that get people to make healthy decisions.”, He said.

About Congress

The Tec de Monterrey Medicine Conference, Monterrey CampusAn event organized by undergraduates at a march Surgeon.

in that Thirty-second edition Focused on creating a file Learning experience In specialized fields in various functional areas, through Workshops, conferences and academic dynamics.

With information from Miranda Saucedo

Infographic 32nd Conference on Medicine

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