World Autism Day | What is social camouflage and why does it make it difficult to diagnose autism in girls

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to explain,

According to a study conducted in Sweden, only 1 girl out of 10 boys has autism.

Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by a change in brain development that causes differences in social communication, as well as repetitive and stereotyped behaviours.

For those living with this condition, sensory changes، hyperfocusis usually common.

“People with autism have a different way of perceiving the world. This prompts them to direct their attention to other elements of the environment that are not necessarily social stimuli. In a crowded environment, for example, it is possible that the noise of a tool or a car engine in the street draws their attention more than the sounds of people ,” explains psychiatrist Mirianne Rivers-Biasau, professor at the International School of Development (EID) in Brazil.

This is why people with autism behave and learn differently from what is socially expected.

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