Xbox responds to angry fans, but makes them even more angry with its response

Xbox responds to angry fans, but makes them even more angry with its response

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Xbox Services He suffered a fall last Friday, May 6. Since then, the situation has been resolved in most regions; However, players from some countries were having a bad weekend not being able to access their collection of games or platforms like Xbox Game Pass.

A lot of them asked for a quick fix on social media, so they filled Twitter with it Swipe Xbox, online DRM, and Microsoft’s strategy with its consoles. Given this, the Xbox support team has come out to calm things down and provide an update on the matter.

The company indicated that it was already working on a final solution to the issues this weekend, but it indicated that it could take a few days to arrive. This has further angered some users, who are still unable to enjoy the content they have purchased.

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Xbox will fix issues, but fans aren’t satisfied with its plan

The Xbox Support Twitter account posted several messages this weekend to let you know that several issues have already been resolved. Players had a hard time enjoying their selection of specific games and apps and buying new content.

Although its ecosystem is already working fine almost everywhere, some users still encounter problems. Therefore, the company will continue to work on resolving the defect completely. This is good news, but players are upset about one detail.

Xbox confirmed it was preparing an update to resolve the situation, but did not specify a release date and only commented that it would happen “in the next few days”.

“We have seen a significant improvement in the issue that prevented some users from purchasing and playing games. We expect a full relief in the coming days with the release of a new update,” the company said.

This has caused a new wave of criticism towards DRM, as many users are desperate not to be able to enjoy their games or their Xbox Game Pass subscription. One reviewer reads, “We couldn’t handle the weekend play, but now that it’s Monday and everyone is back at work, we’re fine.”

It is important to note that all Xbox services are working fine at least in our region. So the problem affects users from other continents. We will keep you informed of any developments in this regard.

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