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Youtube It will never cease to amaze us. The world’s most famous video platform has a new invention: super thanksJob Viewers are allowed to donate For your favorite YouTubers.

They say there is no greater contempt than lack of appreciation, but what if we gave this phrase the opposite meaning? Imagine if you could somehow thank all these content creators for the hours of fun, news and entertainment they brought you.

Specifically, this is the key to Super Thanks: Reward the work of our favorite YouTubers with a financial contribution. It freedom of choiceobviously, so each consumer will decide whether they want to participate or not without any kind of change in their YouTube account.

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After this new feature was announced in 2021, it’s now official Super Thanks Available for viewers on mobile and desktop.

Or creators From the content, they can enable it through it youtube studio Without the need to perform any kind of configuration or maintenance. It is available in the following 68 locations:

Germany, Denmark, India, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Ireland, Poland, Australia, El Salvador, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Japan, United Kingdom, Belarus, Slovenia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Liechtenstein, Dominican Republic , Bolivia, United States, Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Luxembourg, Senegal, Brazil, Philippines, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Finland, Malta, Singapore, Canada, France, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, Greece, Nicaragua and Sweden Colombia, Guatemala, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Honduras, New Zealand, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Uganda, Croatia, Hungary, Panama, Uruguay, Cyprus, Iceland and Paraguay.

Users who play the video on YouTube will be able to Buy Super Thanks for 2, 5, 10 or $50 (equivalent in your currency). Once you have entered the credit card and made a purchase, a field will appear to insert the comment you want and the option to submit.

After that, a Animated Gifs With Balloons Thank you and the comment will be published in a private way on the YouTube channel. To highlight that the user has donated, the The comment will have a yellow box and the amount of your donation.

Thanks to the new Super Thanks feature, YouTube users will find a new source of income Funded by fans. Another point in favor of this tool is that it also allows YouTubers to feel close to the people who enjoy their content.

This will be a simple process for Super Thanks, the function that allows users to donate For your favorite content creators.

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