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It’s time to test all your abilities. In this You must fix the equation with a maximum of 2 moves. This means that you can only move two matches for this calculation to be exactly correct. Also, to add difficulty, you’ll only have 10 seconds to try to find the solution.

Look carefully at the photo . The illustration shows the equation 1 + 1 = 5, which is clearly incorrect. What we need to do next is simply move two matches to correct this process so that the addons can find the appropriate answer. Think, analyze, and then go through the suggestions.

It is important to clarify that you must set the stopwatch at a time of 10 seconds. This will be the time you should use when you are trying to get the answer every chance you get. So use your own intelligence and try to find the solution.

See here a picture of the viral challenge

Look carefully at the picture and try to correct the equation that appears in the viral challenge picture. | Photo: Fresher Life

See here the results of the viral challenge

If you have already tried it and still don’t find the answer, don’t worry, we will give you the solution right away. All you need to do is place a matchstick in the middle of the number 5 in a vertical position and then move one of the + symbols towards that number, thus forming a 0. Finally, the equation will be 1 – 1 = 0.

After making the appropriate movements, the process should look like this.  |  Photo: Fresher Life

After making the appropriate movements, the process should look like this. | Photo: Fresher Life

What is the viral challenge?

The Viral Challenge is an exercise that tests your cognitive abilities to perform a task. It should be noted that all the activities we perform require the use of our brain functions, which implies millions of neural connections distributed throughout the cerebral lobes in order to work appropriately with our environment and process information through different channels.

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