YouTube: How to navigate incognito from a cell phone

YouTube: How to navigate incognito from a cell phone
With this mode, people will not know what videos the user is watching from another device. Photograph: Dadu Rovich/Reuters

Since it works in real life, there are plenty of ways in virtual reality to be able to do things “secretly”, without having to resort to big software or not doing it illegally. Either because of the need to hide something or simply because it is on a foreign device and needs to open accounts of social networks or other platforms and the browser does not want to keep its passwords or usernames, Incognito mode will always be a good ally.

This tool, found in most web browsers, allows you to go online in a session that won’t save any information from that trip, either in history or in your account history and password. In simple words, using this mode, you will be able to navigate through the “corridors” of the Internet without leaving a trace or footprint in your wake.

However, nowadays there are many applications which are considered multi-device, i.e. they can be managed in several devices by processing the same information in each of them; for example Youtube. The most popular video platform in the world You just need a Google account and a password to cast endless information that can be viewed, either on a PC, mobile phone, tablet or even on a smart TV.

Now, you have to imagine that the YouTube account was activated on a foreign TV, and from his cell phone the account holder searched for a video, whatever it was, that no one else wanted to see. Then, What alternative is there to avoid this kind of situation?

Of course, the most obvious answer is: Be more careful about which sites and devices you activate your YouTube account on. However, if nothing can be done anymore and the situation has already arisen, there is no need to fear, privacy can still be protected with YouTube incognito mode.

This is true, as happens, for example, with Google Chrome, YouTube also has its own incognito mode in which you can watch your favorite videos without leaving any traces on your Google account.

Now when you log into the YouTube app, you can activate the incognito mode. Thus, you can move around freely without your activity being reflected. Or have any effect on your search or watch history‘,” Google explains through an entry on its official support blog.

Needless to say, this alternative is typical for mobile devices, considering that to enter incognito mode from a computer, all you have to do is activate it in the browser.

With this information clear, you just have to follow these steps to enable Incognito mode in the YouTube app:

1. Open the app Youtube on your cell phone or tablet.

2. Your profile picture will appear in the upper right corner of the screen; Click on it.

3. A new list will be displayed immediately. In this, just below the image and manage your Google account, an option Activate incognito mode; Select it.

Image: a screenshot.
Image: a screenshot.

4. Ready, when the screen refreshes, you will already be using this mode on YouTube.

It must be remembered that in order to know that you are in incognito mode, it will appear at the bottom of the screen fixed black bar Which will remind you that you are using this tool.

When you use incognito mode, the YouTube app behaves as if you are not logged into your account. In this way, Your activity, such as subscriptions or watch history, does not affect your YouTube experienceGoogle Highlight.

Similarly, the company has clarified that if YouTube stops using this mode, it will be deactivated by returning to the app’s original screen and The last activated account will be used. “The next time you open YouTube, you’ll see a message telling you that you’re no longer in incognito,” he adds.

“Everything you do while in Incognito mode is private. If you try to do something public like commenting on a video or subscribing to a channel, we will ask you to sign in to complete this action.”

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