▷ 10 World Kiss Day cards containing beautiful messages to give to your partner on April 13 | mix up

▷ 10 World Kiss Day cards containing beautiful messages to give to your partner on April 13 |  mix up

In this International Kiss Day We share 10 cards containing short messages and beautiful phrases to share with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or with the person you want to steal a kiss from this day. the date It is celebrated on April 13 every yearand originated from The longest kiss in history lasted about 58 hours It starred a Thai couple during a beauty pageant. Oddly enough, this couple broke their own record of 46 consecutive hours which they held on April 13, 2013.

The celebration of World Kiss Day has gained more importance in recent years, especially for all lovers, friends, couples, cohabiters, etc. Well, celebrating this date in a special way can strengthen the emotional bond with the person we love, as it is known that the act of kissing is beneficial for the physical, emotional and mental health of every human being. That's why I'm going to give you 10 cards containing beautiful messages to share with your girlfriend during April 13th.

World Kiss Day cards to share

There are kisses that can stop time Image: Canva
A kiss restores youth to the heart again and erases the years. (Rupert Brooke) | Image: Canva
A kiss is a secret said in the mouth and not in the ears. | Image: Canva
Your lips are verses that I recite sincerely, and every kiss is a syllable that ignites my passion. | Image: Canva
Never forget that the first kiss is not with the mouth, but with the eyes. | Image: Canva
I wish I could keep that kiss in a bottle and take it in small doses every hour or every day. | Image: Canva
I will fill you with kisses because you love me and I will steal many kisses from you to make you fall in love | Image: Canva
The soul can speak with its eyes, and it can also receive with its sight. | Image: Canva
“I have a tattoo of all your kisses all over my body” (Joan Sebastian). | Image: Canva
For a worldview; Heaven for a smile. For a kiss… I don't know what I would give you for a kiss!, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer | Image: Canva

Why is World Kiss Day celebrated on April 13?

It is commemorated on April 13 every year in honor of the longest kiss in recorded history. According to the Guinness World Records website, in 2013 a Thai couple won the world record for the longest kiss. Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat participated in an annual Thailand competition organized by Ripley's Believe It or Not!, in Pattaya.

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