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It comes with everything Luis Miguel, the series This season 2 debut today so Netflix It was announced with great fanfare a few months ago. Fans of “Sol de México” on Sunday, April 18th, will be able to learn more about the life of the singer, who surrounded his followers with the first installment in 2018. Find out here all the details about what these first of which will be chapters of a successful Mexican production.

Diego BonitaWho embodies Luis Miguel in the Netflix series It narrates some details of what will appear in this new version and ensures that here is a “darker and more complex face” of the translator.Who will turn 51 on Monday, April 19. But at the same time we will see him more human. During the development of this new stage, the audience will see that like all people, a celebrity will stumble and make mistakes, but this is what will make him grow and mature as a person.Actor El Heraldo said.

The opening day of Luis Miguel second season

From this Sunday, April 18th via Netflix You will be able to watch the second season of Luis Miguel. On this occasion, as in all series, film and documentary platform productions, we will see new characters who will narrate part of how difficult the Mexican singer’s career has been, especially in his more mature phase.

What and how many chapters will Luis Miguel contain, Series 2

The new installment of Luis Miguel, Series 2 will consist of 8 chapters Which you can enjoy through the platform Netflix.

“It was listed in two timelines and with a plot that will explore the difficulties that Luis Miguel faced in balancing his family and his career, the second season will consist of 8 episodes that will be available every Sunday at 7 pm.” I mentioned the podium in a statement. “Luis Miguel, the series. Season 2. Every Sunday from April 18th. Only on Netflix. The brighter the sun, the darker the shades.”Read on Twitter from Netflix.

How to Watch for Free via Facebook and Live: Luis Miguel, Series 2

It was learned that Luis Miguel series 2 will be broadcast on the From the “sun of Mexico”. This way you can keep watching the story starring Diego Bonita and a group of famous Mexican actors.

What was the hypothetical premiere of the Luis Miguel series

For many, it was surprising seeing the first ten minutes of the first season of season two of Luis Miguel. There you can see how the Mexican singer attends the mass of his recently deceased father. In addition, it is also appreciated how the brother of “Sol de México” decided to take his younger brother to live with him. The main novelty is that in the premiere two chapters from the life of the Aztec artist are transmitted.

Tables to see Luis Miguel, Series 2

  • Peru | 20 hours
  • Mexico | 20 hours
  • Argentina | 22 hours
  • Chile | 22 hours
  • Spain | 07 hour (Monday)
  • United States | 20 hours
  • Colombia | 20 hours
  • Ecuador | 20 hours
  • Brazil | 22 hours
  • Uruguay | 22 hours

Louis Miguel Chapters: Series 2; Schedule and schedule for each episode

  • Sunday, April 18 | Chapter 1 & 2 | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday 25 April | Chapter Three | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday, May 2 | Chapter Four | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday May 9 | Chapter Five | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday May 16 | Chapter Six | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday May 23 | Chapter Seven | 7:00 pm Mexico
  • Sunday 30 May | Chapter Eight | 7:00 pm Mexico

Luis Miguel Season Two: What do you expect?

Served and roasted Netflix Dice “The brighter the sun, the darker the leftovers.”So this sounds like a perfect summary of what’s coming in Season 2 of the series.

According to the summaries handled, the storyline of the new season will be between the 1990s and 2000s, a period of great professional success for the singer but not personally good due to multiple love breaks.

However, it was in these years that Luis Miguel began to approach his daughter Michelle SalasWho will play it Macarena Ashaga. Let us remember that the relationship between father and daughter was non-existent at the beginning, but finally, after the passage of time, especially the mediation of those close to the singer, the situation between them improved.

It is also expected that happened Marcella BasteryThe singer’s mother, who disappeared as a teenager. The final act of Season 1 hinted that Luis Miguel, Luis Miguel’s father, tells him where his mother is, but they leave everything up in the air. So maybe from this April 18 we will know something more about her fate.

Who are the new characters to join Luis Miguel, Series 2

  1. Teresa Ruiz
  2. Valerie Sayes
  3. Axel Lunas.

They follow:

  • César Burdon
  • Juan Pablo Zuretta
  • Cesar Santana
  • Martin Bello
  • If not for Casamayor
  • Pilar Santacruz
  • Javier Gomez
  • Kevin Holt
  • Gabriel Nonsio

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