“1899”, the yet to be released Netflix series that already generates dozens of theories

“1899”, the yet to be released Netflix series that already generates dozens of theories

After destroying our brains with “Dark”, the makers are in the ante. Get ready for November 17th.

1899The new series from the creators darkIt already has a release date. will be next November 17 When the first season is released, the novel is already attracting – and a lot – the attention of Netflix subscribers. It’s not yet available on the platform and already has dozens of theories circulating online, what will happen when the episodes see the light of day?

There’s still a couple of months left to see what Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are up to, but platforms like Reddit are the epicenter of all kinds of speculation about the future. Here is an example of some of the theories being considered among users that actually predict that the seasons will be parsed in millimeters.

Room 2110. The writer noticed that 1899 It was destined to have a very important symbolic part. For many, this means that the numbers will give many clues about what is happening and that the number 2110 that appears on the door is sending a message. The interpretation is subjective, but there are those who link it to passages from the Bible and also those who believe that it belongs to an important history.

Artifacts. In the trailer you can see a black pyramid and a cube with an inverted triangle, which, of course, caused many discussions. A Reddit user comments that it might be related to sacred geometry. What is this? There are many characters that have meaning in alchemy, such as tetrahedral or octahedral, which mean fire and wind, respectively.

The creators of “Dark” want to drive us crazy with their new series: What hidden message does “1899” include in its “Trailer”?

the black thing. There is “something black” – which can’t be described in any other way – in the trailer that gives so much to talk about. No one knows very well what role he will play in history, but it has already given rise to many interpretations. Some say it may have been magnetite that formed in the ship and that it appeared to light when they entered a magnetic field.

Bermuda Triangle. Since not much is known about the plot, users try to guess the details of the narrative. We know we will follow the story of a group of immigrants traveling by boat from Europe to the United States in search of a better life. Along the way they come across a floating ship, which completely foils their plans. Seeing the poster and knowing the summary and knowing that it’s a mysterious series, doesn’t it fit in with the occurrence of everything in the Bermuda Triangle?


Part of the “1899” poster.

This is just a sampling of all the content that the first images have produced, so we should be prepared for a torrent of speculation that the eight episodes that premiere on November 17 will be produced. Puzzle and puzzle lovers can now rub their hands.

“Darkness”, successful precedent

In fact, this is exactly what the creators are looking for, who have already managed to get us cracking our heads trying to guess what they were telling us. dark. Imagination unfolds in different time lines and with leaps between past and future, a perfect soup from which hundreds of theories have arisen.

Now they not only want to repeat the play, they want to improve themselves. “I think it will be interesting to see him with the audience [para ver] If you also liked this new puzzle, how did you like it darkAnd if they find out what this series is really about.”Baran Bu Udar announced.

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