2,225 athletes prepare to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Classic Salto 15K

2,225 athletes prepare to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Classic Salto 15K

This Sunday Classic jump 15 thousand You will launch. An event organized by Donosti Events, RPM Sports and the Gipuzkoan Sports Federation, which this year celebrates Silver Weddings. Planned adjustments in traffic, here.

In total, they will participate in the 25th anniversary of the Classic Salto 15K 2,225 athletes, 500 more than the last edition. The breakdown by methods will be as follows: 1990 runners, 229 skaters, 30 athletes with intellectual disabilities and 6 athletes with reduced mobility. The Percentage of women It’s growing again for another year, reaching 53% in the 5km test, 36% in the reels, and 28% in the 15km test. In total, nearly 700 women will participate in the Gibozkon Sports Festival.

Among all the participants, Vittorian attended Patchi BeolaTwo-time world champion (2014 and 2017) and seven-time European champion. It will be his first participation in Classic Salto 15K and he is very excited roll On the streets of San Sebastian: “It’s a pleasure. I’ve been competing for many years and if there’s something nice about this sport, it’s to go out into the street and the public can see us and learn about our sport. The skater explained that I didn’t have the race planned on my calendar B because at the end of October I am going to Argentina for the world championship, but I am very excited for the first time in this race.

Today will start at 9:45 am with departure From the “Laboral Kotxa 5K”, an ideal distance for running enthusiasts who want to make their debut in an official race or who want to run fast and have a good record at 5 km. At 10:00 am, the reels will start and 10 minutes later, at 10:10 am, it will be the turn of the athletes with reduced mobility. At 10:15 a.m., the main course of the day will arrive, with the 15,000 race beginning.

The exit will be in Madrid Street The target is a few meters away, in Anoeta Mini Stadium.

It will cover the circle, which is practically flat and closed to traffic San Sebastian Center and the neighborhoods of Gros, Antigo and Amara. There will be two refreshment points in the race, and a liquid and solid point at the finish line. The electronic timing will be carried out by Kronoak, and the guide will be carried out by the judges of the Sports Federation of Gipuzkoa.

On the sporting side, it is worth noting that the Bhobia San Sebastian hares will guide the participants through the long route, and they will do so in a total of 7 rhythms, between 1 and 1:30. Planned changes in traffic, here.


The amount raised under the “You Run, They Donate” campaign amounted to 7,000 euros. Major contributions came from Salto System and Laboral Kutxa, and the organization donated €1 from each registration. The beneficiary entity will be Non-governmental organization founded by athlete Gipuzkoan Javier ColomoIts destiny is to advance girls’ education in Uganda.

They will take part in the test More than 250 volunteers They belong to the athletics clubs in Gipuzkoa like Athe. San Sebastian, Real Sociedad, Horzaro, Tolosa CF, Hernani, Zumiatrac, Juhiri, Car or Bidasoa Atlezmo Taldea. Twelve members of Atzegi, an association that works for people with intellectual disabilities, will participate as volunteers.

In the The show was held on Friday Near Anoeta were Martin Ibaby (San Sebastian City Council Sports Counsellor), Ramon Gikotexia (President of the Gipuzkoan Sports Federation), Inigo Olizola (General Coordinator of the event) and representatives of the collaborating companies.

they also attended Many athletes participatingAmong them are Ion Gallaraga, the winner of the latest hand-bike, Nico Alonso of the Beira Beira rollerball club, players from Real Sociedad with intellectual disabilities, Annie Mingús, Enico Sanchez and Aritz Larborough, who will participate, along with his teammates, in the “Laboral Cotxa” 5K”, thus expanding the inclusive spirit of the event.

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