“I wanted to try myself in Ardoi and see if I had the level”

“I wanted to try myself in Ardoi and see if I had the level”

Four intensive years in Nebraska studying biology I got Navarra Amaya Diez (22 years old) to get acquainted with the world of college basketball in the United States. Cornfields wherever I look, minus 30 degrees in the winter, and a small university without a great standard don’t stop me from recommending the experience to everyone. The adventure that ended with Signing the renovation of Osés Construction Ardoi last summer. A qualitative leap in the career of the youth team Motelbasket, who arrives at Zizur with a desire to show what they have learned during this time in the Spanish Women’s Basketball Second Division.

How were those four years in the United States?

I went to York University, in Nebraska, to study biology, as well as some physical therapy subjects. He received an academic and athletic scholarship. It’s been four great years of basketball, it’s a completely different world than the one here. I am very happy that I was able to live this experience, I recommend it to everyone. Also because you have to leave the house (laughs).

Was the category level high?

Not really much. Keep in mind that it was a very small religious university. We were in the middle of nowhere, there were only cornfields around. And in winter there were days when the temperature reached minus 30 degrees. In the middle of the race I could have switched to a higher level team, but the truth is I didn’t care. I stayed because of the atmosphere, we had a great group.

Has any team contacted you?

No, but I could have searched for it. It is very easy to get her there. But, being a degree holder, the matter of credits, validation of subjects… I preferred not to move because it was not a necessity, but rather a whim.

Didn’t you think about staying longer?

Well, the truth is, I also wanted to come back. I could have stayed for a master’s degree or something, but to me it was like that experience had to come to an end. I needed to move on, do other things, and decided to come back.

Was your signature with Osés sealed prior to your return?

obsessed. I went back to Pamplona without knowing what I would study or work or where I would play. In the summer they offered me to prepare the season on a trial basis, and then asked me to sign up. Obviously I said yes.

And what about the Mutilbasket? Where was it formed? Doesn’t it tempt you now that they’ve been promoted to Liga Femenina 2?

Yes, it is true that I was talking to them. But in the end, the Ardoi is another category, which I had to give a shot. And I wanted to test myself and see if I had the level.

How did you see yourself in the two matches you played in the Women’s Challenge League?

At the moment things are going well, but little by little. I play 3 or 4, more than 3. I have to adapt, in the end it’s the second division of Spain. The United States is “cool” because of the university atmosphere, the trips we used to take…but the level has nothing to do with it. I hope to find a place for myself in the team and they need me.

And to the team?

I think we have a great group, and we will definitely compete well. We’re a lot new, guantexo – the coach – too. You have to adapt and that takes time, but I think we’re on the right track. In addition, we have a very good atmosphere, we already made pineapple.

what is the point?

The first thing is to get us to stay, and from there, we can look higher and see if we can get into the playoffs.

Last year her colleagues did it. With new engagements, can they be achieved again?

maybe you can be. It would be really nice.

Identification card

Noun Amaya Diez Pasteur

date of Birth 03/23/2000 – Pamplona

to rise 1.75 m

Site eaves

a path
Mutilbasket (2010-2018) York University (2018-2022) Osés Construccion Ardoi (currently)

Ardoi visits Vega Lagunera in Tenerife (9:00 pm)

After the match was postponed to The third round of the league, which takes place next Wednesday in Zizur against Estepona, Juantixo Ferreira’s men have packed their bags to Tenerife, where on Saturday they will have a second duel as a visitor against Vega Lagunera. The Blues and Whites do not come into the match with very good feelings, after losing 78-60 in their last match against Juventut Badalona. A bump in the road for the Navarrans who, after a great start to the campaign with a win over Picken Claret (64-61), will try to score points against the Canarian team once again. Vega Lagunera doesn’t arrive at its best, either. The islanders lost a big loss last Wednesday to Lima Horta Barcelona, ​​76-52, even though they already know in their fiefdom what a win is. And they managed to cross the 100-point barrier in the second round against Melilla Sport, who scored 96 points, which is not enough, compared to 103 for the Canary Islands. The fielding factor will be something to consider tonight for Oasis Construción Ardoy, who is looking to add the first points of the week with three games to go, and the next two at home.

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