5 photos of Christina Ricci showing her physical change since her debut in Hollywood

Appearing for the first time from a very young age, Christina Ricci She became one of the favorite actresses in the United States, she started acting when she was very young, which is why these five Pictures Show physical change which he has since for the first time in Hollywood. She had the opportunity to star alongside Cher and Winona Ryder in the movie “Mermaids”.

When Christina Ricci He was in the recording of this movie, so he had to turn to one of his great acting friends, Johnny Depp, an actor with whom he shared cameras on some occasions. Christina remembers an anecdote from this recording, when someone mentioned the word homophobia, but she, being very young, did not understand it, so she asked Winona Ryder, at that time the actress was a friend Johnny Depp; He was the one who explained Christina Ricci The meaning of this word very naturally.

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