Nature, scenography in Carrantza

Usually, sets of shows of improvable quality, including films, are made of what we call papier-mâché. Coated polystyrene. foam. foam. Cheap and light materials. I said, papier-mache.

In Enkarterri they turn to stone. Without cheating or of course cardboard. Yesterday, Friday, the Bosalagua 2022 festivals began. And they did it in collaboration with the greatest set designer in history: Nature.

The runway enabled in the concave pocket of the ancient dolomite mine is unparalleled. “From here they lowered the dolomite which was used as a counterweight for the ships; they did so with large buckets suspended from cables to the bottom of the valley near the coast,” explained one of the municipal workers who coordinated the parking of the many cars that were arriving.

The soundtrack is amazing. Originally linked to the industrial activity of the Enkarterri area, and an example of environmental renewal, the theater, carved from an ancient Donosa quarry, is unique and offers exemplary acoustics.

Yesterday the three members of The Jamming Show were able to check it out, who provided a great sample of improvisational theatre. Then, starting at 10:30pm, Ugandan dancers and Rwandan drummers take over the spotlight with an African dance show full of beats and percussion instruments.

All performances are free because the tourism promotion company Enkartur, the Basque government, Bizkaia County Council and Karrantza Town Hall are the ones promoting the Pozalagua festivals. So there was the mayor, Raoul’s Palacewith many of his family members: Martha, pew s Segundo Fernandez, Mikel Astra, Aparn Argello, ND Pabloalso Ascension Santistipan.

Regulars attended yesterday as See Joseon Jarma s Anton Grace Those who come from Bilbao and they are regulars. “We bring in umbrellas, cushions to sit on, and even polar fleece, because the temperature drops in the second show,” they explain. In other words, it can be said that this theater has air conditioning. A real luxury in these times.

Maria Jesus Olarte s chandelier s Francisco Mali This was the first time they were encouraged to attend the Bosalagua festivals. for this part, Patricia Suso, Guizalde Gomez s Estee Martin They are from Balmaseda, they made it to the last version and liked the experience, that’s why they repeat. Beatriz Pérez, Elena Garcia Borreguero, Jose Luis Sanchez, Sandra Ortiz de Zarate s Ainhwa Santos They approached Musques and Santorzi,

Esther Edessa s Carmenfrom the Karrantzarra district of Ranero, where Pozalagua is located, attended with friends from Madrid and Valladolid Raquel Palomera, Pilar Diaz, Guadalupe Cantero also Carmen Coral.

They also come from the environment Anna Trego, Alicia Varon, Maria Angelis Sanchezwho was declared an authentic Karantzara, Anna Maria Pereda s Marivy de la Houz. They didn’t miss it either Encarni Lopez, Fezzy Martinez, Maitanni SantistibanBarcelona Javier Calavia, Selena Lamosas, Egoitz Izarzugaza, Maria Jesus Olarte, Soraya s Francisco Varon, Patricia Suso, Guizalde Gomez, Este Martin, Beatriz Perez, Elena Garcia Borreguero, Jose Luis Sanchez, Sandra Ortiz de Zarate, Ainhua Santos, Pedro Angel s Illuminate the rosemaryTriplets Ayala, Martin s Olaya Montego also Laura Arroyo.

This Saturday night will be the start of ’80s pop with Mubajito and Michael Legend, the main course for this year’s edition. A performance that does not skimp on the excitement. All in the culmination of authentic scenery and a truly wonderful environment.

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