The greatest films return to the big screen in Madrid with CutreCon 2022

Worst movies about dinosaurs, Turkish Star Wars, King Kong vs. The eleventh edition of the Madrid Cutre Film Festivalwho is celebrated from From February 23 to 27. On this occasion there will be three places where different projections can be seen: CC College; The Complutense University Information Center, the mk2 Cine Paz centrally located and the mk2 Palacio de Hielo multipliers.

This year, moreover, the novelty is to create Official competition section Where the selected films compete to conquer the laughter of the audience who will also choose their favorite film, the audience award is given to The funniest low-cost feature film. According to Carlos Palencia, director of CutreCon, “The criterion for CutreCon is that the movie not only has to be bad, but it must be funny and make the viewer laugh.” Among them, the legendary series LJ Detective, starring and directed by Eduardo Castigon, will compete. They explain from the organization.

The festival program maintains Free and paid sessions And on this occasion, this version focuses on dinosaurs, but not as we are used to seeing in the cinema, but as crazy, embarrassing and funny creatures that have never inhabited the movie screen and that star in an underworld of feature films that will finally own. Their “deserved” recognition at CutreCon.

But it won’t be all about dinosaurs, the competition includes other fun movies like Turkish Star Warswhich was an inexplicable success in the country and blends original scenes from the movie and set in the desert, or mythicalKing Kong vs Guzilla‘, but in its original 1962 version, which shows a giant struggle between the two using cars, models or paper rocks. Other works that can be seenPower Rangers: The Movie1995. A big-budget, mass-produced film that turned into an involuntary cult comedy. Robot cinema, Hindi cinema or Wakaliwood, Ugandan action cinema, completes the programme, which will also feature actors and directors from some of the films.

But the aim of the festival is not only discovery for the public Badest movie movies (Too bad it’s laughable), but also to make onlookers have fun with each other funny predictions In a festive atmosphere that includes games that liven up the show and allow for protest, applause, or commentary on the film at any time. Yes, it is that there are scenes and montages that no one would have imagined were filmed for real, and although they were originally projects born with serious purpose, lack of budget, professionalism, or due to problems during filming. The films ended in failure and became cult works to amuse the audience at this festival. Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased from Official Website Or rooms that participate in this release.

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