7 facts the Olympic Games remind us – El Financiero

7 facts the Olympic Games remind us – El Financiero

After two “failed” nominations, Mexico The doors were opened to more than 5,000 athletes from 112 countries in the world who participated in Olympic Games, Happened, on a day like today (October 12), but in 1968, by the then president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, the lands of the Aztec will become the place of the edition nineteenth of the Olympic competition.

after, after Tokyo 64 It was a fascinating exhibition show, and the work of the next representative country was expected to be surpassed, so the expectations that Mexico would take over the “package” began to become unknown.

Days before the opening in University Olympic StadiumThe international media has arrived, as have the athletes, so there will be no “going back” to saying “no” to international competition.

The result was “surprising”: the copy made on the national territory became a model for the rest of the countries, where the message was struggle, effort, perseverance, love, peace, respect, equality and, above all, solidarity.

Within these competitions, the Mexican national team took 15th place, with a total of nine medals: 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. driving the table United State With a total of 165 in total (89 gold, 31 silver and 44 bronze) he took first place, followed by that time Soviet Union With a total of 112 medals (50 gold, 32 silver, 30 bronze) and, Japan, with 35 (11 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze).

Some of the strange data this Olympic fencing has given us are:

– 76 Olympiads and 30 best results in the world.

22 world records in athletics

– 8.90 meters is what Bob Beamon jumped to stay with the mark.

Two African American athletes (Tommy Smith and John Carlos) raised their fists with a black man with their head down, to represent the racism that was living at the time.

– Tartan is used for the athletic track of an Olympic stadium.

– 20 km is the distance covered by Mexican Jose Pedraza to finish third.

– Implementation of sexual controls and anti-doping analysis

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