7 new movies and series for the weekend (December 21 – January 2)


We have a new list of Movie and series premiere This week you can’t miss it.

To close the year with everything, rebroadcast for back Cobra Kaichain access Bob Fit And the new movie from Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson Which would potentially give Netflix several nominations and win the biggest movie awards.

Never know which movies and series to watch on the weekend? You’re not the only one, but that’s why we’ve got an impeccable selection with all that’s arriving (or released during the week) on various streaming platforms, so go pop your popcorn, pack your favorite armchair and devote yourself to enjoying some hours of entertainment of all kinds.

The weekend is to recharge the batteries, relax and stop thinking about work and the office, and to make it happen it’s nice to see all the Movies s series (fantasy, horror, drama, documentaries) that was on your radar during the week, but you couldn’t see it because you were too busy with work and finished waiting as if there was no tomorrow.

right Now Many different things are released every week (Netflix promised a new movie every weekend) Thankfully most of these releases come on those days when you don’t have to go to work, you can wake up as late as your body allows and be as unproductive as you seem. Whether in movies or live broadcasts, there is always something to watch.

The best thing about this weekend in particular? in serial cases, Cobra Kai The Boba Fett Book They are this week’s two great proposals, along with a documentary that tells the story of the US killer they’ve compared to Jack the Ripper, and you can’t miss a bit of drama. The missing daughter.

movies with best reviews, Series and special programsThe weekend schedule was filled with hours upon hours of entertainment. These are the premieres of movies and series that you cannot miss.


Quiet Place (Netflix)


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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski They worked together in this horror movie which was one of the best movies of 2018. The story is about a family who must find a way to survive after the invasion of the earth by aliens who are destroying all mankind, who are attracted to any kind of noise.

The Lost Daughter (Netflix)


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Directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal starring Olivia Colman and Dakota JohnsonThis is one of the Netflix movies that will win an Oscar. The Lost Daughter is based on a novel by Elena Ferrante and the description reads that “a woman’s quiet seaside vacation takes a disturbing turn when her obsession with a young mother staying in a nearby villa awakens memories of her past.”

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