HBO Max overtakes Netflix and Disney Plus in downloads this 2021


With the pandemic reaching its peak last year, streaming platforms have become the salvation of many. Whether it was because cinemas around the world were closed or because people preferred to take refuge in their homes, these services have struggled to capture the public’s attention. A large portion of the audience can access more than one of these apps, but for other people, it’s about knowing which one has the best catalog to prioritize. HBO Max It’s relatively new, but it did a great job of delivering quality content and delivering two premieres. Eventually, through 2021, we got titles like Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% Danube – 75% Revival Matrix – 65%.

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The battle between different streaming services is getting tougher than ever, and the way each one has dealt with the global pandemic is key for viewers. Disney + He first tried to get double initial offers, but at an additional cost, which didn’t work well with subscribers who were already paying month after month for his package. Black Widow premiere lawsuit 87% is what ended up proving that the choice wasn’t right, the massive success of Shang Zhi and the legend of the ten rings – 95% thanks in part to the timely decision change. Netflix Its premiere is always exclusive, and the arrival of certain films in cinemas around the world is a way to ensure that certain awards are recognized, being The Power of the Dog – 98% and not looking – 74% are two of their strongest titles.

for this part, HBO Max It decided to have a double premiere in the United States and a reduced space between premieres in the rest of the world. Not long ago, Warner executives made it clear that the double premiere was built to survive the pandemic, but now it’s time to organize and help theaters, and leave the experience the creators want, so they’ll return to exclusive releases in commercial theaters. However, those who continue to wait at home will not have to wait several months to watch these films in the comfort of their own home. For example, one of the most anticipated releases will be Batman, arriving on the platform 45 days after appearing on the bulletin board.

This interesting proposal seems to be working with the audience, as it has just been revealed HBO Max It became one of the top 10 most downloaded apps of the year and the only streaming app to make it into the top 10. Social networking is still the strongest, so it’s not uncommon to see it on the list, but it’s strange not Netflix Ne Disney + I managed to sneak in.

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every year, atopiaIt is an analysis platform, which displays the list of the most downloaded applications by users in the United States and the world. Only this year HBO Max Appearing as a representative of broadcast services, he does this in the last position.

The top 10 most downloaded apps in the US are:

1.- Tik Tok
2.- Instagram
3.- Snapchat
4.- Cash application
5.- Zoom
6.- Messenger
7.- Facebook
8.- WhatsApp
9.- YouTube
10.- HBO Max

As we can see, most of them are very popular social media apps and the couple may be due to the need to work from home and not in person. Although the study shows (via Delivery time) which – which HBO Max It started with a few numbers when the platform opened, at the end of last year, the panorama has improved and the double premiere has attracted more customers. According to the data, the app was downloaded a total of 45 million times between December 2020 and December this year.

The same source explains that the data released by the company in October 2021 registered 45.2 million subscribers. Keep in mind that most of the streaming apps are downloaded on smart TVs and tablets, and rarely on mobile phones. However, these services also allow you to download the application in several places at once, and it is not uncommon for anyone to use them on all their devices.

But the top 10 countries in the world is something different and no streaming platform has been introduced there. Despite these promising numbers, HBO Max It is not the most important application. Netflix It is still the most popular and continues to lead with more than 214 million subscribers, although it saw a significant decline in the US during 2021. For this segment, Disney + It reported over 118 subscribers in November, but it also lost momentum within two years of its arrival. All of these services continue to struggle to conquer their audience and we are in a very competitive moment with exclusive premieres, hundreds of original series and unprecedented exploitation of privileges.

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