7 phrases by Gabriella Sabatini: why she has been away from tennis for so long, her duels with Graff and the players she currently loves the most

7 phrases by Gabriella Sabatini: why she has been away from tennis for so long, her duels with Graff and the players she currently loves the most

*Gabriella explains why she has been away from tennis for so long

This is Tuesday Gabriella Sabati will play again Roland Garros And it will be in my husband Legends Championship Next to Gisela Dulko. In the run-up to her long-awaited comeback, the 1990 US Open world number three revealed why she has been away from tennis for so long, and also recalled her encounters with… Stevie Graf The current sport is analyzed.

“I needed to get away from tennis. I didn’t play for several years and after a few years I went back to the tournaments. It was very difficult for me to continue to be associated with tennis, probably more than the tennis environment, everything related to tennisGabriella admitted in an interview with her ESPN.

“I’ve always loved to do sports and When I stopped playing I spent three or five hours running. One day in Buenos Aires I did 50 km of a. Then I did a few stages in the Tour de France. I was inclined towards these things and today I enjoy them. He added the only Argentine to win a Grand Slam as an individual.

* Analyze Sabatini’s current tennis

“I stopped playing (tennis) a lot. These days I had to train, it cost me a bit, after a few years your head tells you one thing and your body tells you something else,” said the former professional who made it. 27 titles and 632 matches.

His epic duels with Stevie Graf: “I brought out my best. It was unforgettable matches. She was very competitive until the last ball. That killer German mentality and I enjoyed those matches, every time I had to play against it because I knew it would bring out the best in me. Over time I learned how to play it and playing the reverse slide, crossed, changing it to the right so it would run and then hitting it all on the other side or going to the net was another thing. I was trying to throw him deep.” Sabatini is the one who has defeated the German the most times with a total of 11 victories.

He highlighted other personalities of his time Monica Seles Because “he had a special two-handed style. Before (top) tennis players were always the same and today they change.” Sabatini knew how to defeat the former top seed in the 1992 Italian Open final.

* Gabriella remembers her duels against Steffi Graf

On the current state of women’s tennis, he analyzed that “Swiatek (Iga) Since he’s #1, the commitment and professionalism he puts into him is incredible. He was ranked number one, something he learned from day to day.”

“I loved Barty (Ashley) How I played and love a more diverse game and today there are quite a few players like that. Today you see a game that is much more powerful than before. They all serve very hard and with the tennis players who have been in a variety of matches they would have hurt those players.”

Sabatini was received with honors in Paris and the Argentine ambassador there, Leonard Costantinoorganized in his honor attended by other prominent national sports figures such as the coach and former football player Charles Bianchi and former rugby player and members of the Los Pumas team, Gonzalo Quesada. also attended sculptor Julio Le Park.

Gabriella with Carlos Bianchi and Gisela Dulco (@sabatinigabyok)

Regarded as the best Argentine tennis player in history, Gabriela won the silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and twice won the year-end Masters title at Madison Square Garden, in 1988 and 1994. She retired very young, aged 26 in 1996 and was a five-time semi-finalist at Roland Garros in singles: 1985 (aged 15), 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992. He also reached the doubles final three times: 1986, 1987 and 1989. In addition, he was He reached the Wimbledon final in 1991, when he fell to Graff.

She will make her debut this Tuesday at the Legends Tournament in Roland Garros with her friend Gisela Dulko, at 6 am in Argentina, against the Americans Lindsey Davenport and Mary Jo Fernandez.

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