A brilliant re-imagination of the “101 Dalmatians” villain in overwhelming service Emma Stone


strategy Disney Live-action remakes of the beloved cartoon classics proved profitable, but also not technically interesting. One of the main reasons is that most of the films are so similar to the original work that it is impossible to justify their existence beyond its function as a fairly successful film version.

Be careful, this is not always the case, because in “Mulan” there are already many perversions in relation to the 1998 film, but the case of “Cruella” is much more interesting on paper. Craig Gillespie, Its director, He has a comment They completely shied away from “101 Dalmatians”. The best part is that they did it in a very entertaining way and counted on the occasion with great inspiration Emma Stone In a movie that hits theaters and Disney + on Friday 28 May.

Cruella origins

Maybe the biggest reason “Cruella” exists Explore assets The legendary villain of “101 Dalmatians”. After all, we didn’t know much about her past either, so it was the perfect farmhouse to try something different, and the first thing you had to assume was that he might be called Cruella, but the character actually had very little to deal with one of the few dog killers who conquered General People.

To do so, ‘Cruella’ takes his time for Stone to appear, as you previously had to investigate his early childhood to understand the trauma he was going through and how he started a strange friendship with the Badun brothers. Not that there is anything revolutionary about Gillespie, but it really is youAn effective gateway to start seeing the protagonist with different eyes.

Emma Stone Cruella

It is true that the movie Ends up flirting with the idea of ​​Cruella becoming a terrible villain, Oddly enough then when the movie is less exciting. Not because Stone is not completely in compliance by showing the most insidious side of his character, but because the movie stops flowing without there being any real determination to follow that path.

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until that time, Estella’s gradual transformation into Cruella He’s been taken care of, striving to show off his aspirations and as a great revealing one that ends up blowing everything up. All this is delightfully illustrated by Gillespie, although it is fair to point out that the great distinguishing feature of ‘Cruella’ is found in the successful use of very popular songs to impart more character to the many scenes, and also to work towards the realization of that different energy that he searches. About the movie since its first minutes.

Many lights and some shade

Scene of Cruella

And this, combined with the emergence of inevitable comparisons with “The Devil wears Prada”, the fact that the fashion world plays such a fundamental role ends up showing the genius of the hero and laying the foundations for the rivalry between the modern and the traditional. Not that “Cruella” goes into it too deep, but handles it with passion enough to leave us Visually powerful moments Which in its own way contributes to progress rather than being little islands here and there.

Plus, “Cruella” doesn’t forget to make several winks of “101 Dalmatians”, but always within that regeneration line for the character that defines the entire job. I must admit that at first I had reservations about his way of introducing the Dalmatian character in the movie, but soon Forward position To transfer the role of the villain he really belongs to.

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In fact, Cruella knows how to take advantage of its PG-13 age rating in the US very well. So far, “Mulan” has only enjoyed a greater margin for the introduction of more extreme items, but these are noted here She is part of the movie DNA From the very first moment, either to impart small touches of darkness or so that the protagonist’s plans do not turn out to be decaffeinated.

Emma Thompson Cruella

With all that said, I’m clear the movie would be a lot worse if it didn’t have Stone in the title role. It is true that it is a good accompaniment –Emma Thompson Fills the screen whenever it appears and Paul Walter Hauser It is an invaluable secondary comedian, although in return it is Mark Strong It’s a little lost, but the handover of the Oscar-winning actress is unimaginable to see another in this version of Cruella. It is also noticed that he enjoys it and this feeling is carried over to the pictures.

On the less positive side, I would like to note that the agility of the film is much stronger in its first hour than it is in its aftermath. Not that there’s a very clear slowdown, but there is There are some potholes That makes the end result less refreshing.


Scene of Cruella

“Cruella” is a wonderful hobby that takes a legendary character to completely transport him to his land rather than being a slave of the original work. He does this in addition to good flair, clear plan and an eye-catching crew led Emma Stone is overwhelming. Of course it would have been better, but in these cases we are more accustomed to the opposite.

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