A college olympiad dream

Three athletes from Aragon make the Americas and participate this Friday in the World University Winter Sports Games being held in Lake Placid, FL. A small town near New York that was the scene of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games. Near the lake that bears their name, they are waiting for the first appearance, this day, Figure skater Celia Abad and curlers Daniela Garcia and Carmen Perez As part of the national team and in search of results that support the work he has developed to achieve this Youth Olympic Games.

The event kicked off on Thursday with the opening ceremony and reserves starting competitions, with exceptions such as ice hockey, for Friday. In these World Games there will be competition in 12 sports, between snow and ice, in 86 medal dates and it is expected that About 2,500 athletes from 50 countries against 600 universities around the world.

Celia Abad of Huesca, who is from Peña Guara and teaches at the University of the Basque Country, does it as the best Spanish skier in the giants category. He started his first Olympics this season and the goal is to qualify for the 2026 Games in Italy. Right now, he’s competing for the world collegiate title in Lake Placid and will be competing in five days: today at Super Giant and those January 14, 17, 19, and 20, weather forecasts permitting. Since Sunday in January, he’s been in the US with the national team to prepare for these assignments.

“It is a great honor to represent Spain at the world level. In addition, going to the Universiade means competing in high-profile races against the best college-aged skaters in the world, so I will have to give my all. Going with the aim of being among the best, Even though just being qualified counts as an award. I know it’s ambitious but I really want to; In fact, I can’t imagine a better way to start the year,” the Aragonese noted, Who started the season among the top 100 in the world at the age of 22.

Daniela García, of Quarte de Huerva, and Carmen Perez of Jaquitana are part of the national curling team, who debuted on Friday against China at 2:00 pm local time. Both met as players at Club Hielo Jaca, although García now belongs to Txuri Berri in San Sebastian, and they both have international experience that has led them to compete in World Cup finals in their specialty and with focus with the Spanish team completed by Lier Carrasa, Ana. Vasquez and Maria Gomez.

Carmen Perez was referring to the fact that the sensations after the first contact with the practice were “very good”. After a nearly 30-hour drive to Lake Placid, The goal is to “have a lot of fun, because we feel very lucky to be here,” added Daniela García, Convinced that “we can play a big role”. The 2019 World Youth Championship in Finland, which finished ninth out of 24 participants, is the closest benchmark for both.

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